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  • Got this Dolan Pre Cursa for sale, 56cm, H plus son rear wheel, halo front, San Marco saddle, Campagnolo crankset, front brake fitted, good condition no dents, some small marks, collection in Brighton can bring to the station if needed. £265

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  • Anyone got a 54 Dolan forsale, drops Pref, location Nottingham but can travel!

  • Question:
    I've got a PreCursa with an Alpina track fork. It was running 23mm tyres. I wanted something a touch bigger but when I put 28s on there it rubs against the bottom of the brake callipers (looks fine for the clearance on the actual forks) . Is this a new brake calliper situation or a new fork situation? Or the boring answer of smaller tyres (least favourite answer) ?

    Is anyone running 28s on the Alpina fork with a brake and if so - what brakes?


  • Shimano brakes, also don’t recommend 28mm, even if it fit, it will rub on the inside of the fork when the wheel flex.

  • Excellent. I'll start with some new brakes.


  • The current Shimano 105 brakes are compatible with 28mm tyres according to Shimano:

    "the SHIMANO 105 R7000 caliper stops with a predictable, linear braking curve thanks to its sleek design. It is compatible with 28mm tires and both traditional and direct mount options"

    I have this brake on two bikes and there is heaps of clearance between a 28mm tyre and the brake (much more than between the tyre and underside of fork). Could probably fit a 30mm tyre if the forks had more clearance. (Possibly it was different on previous versions, hence @edscoble 's reply.)

  • The R7000 have decent clearance, the older Shimano brakes work well (such as 6700) but slightly tighter.

    Tyres measure 26mm and just about enough room for the wheel to flex sideway without touching the fork blade.

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  • Some weights from the current batch ... for the dorks.

    Precursa 54cm — 1835g
    Uncut deep drop road fork — 630g
    Alpina seat clamp — 15g

  • Hello everyone, I am looking for a Pre Cursa frameset in small / 50cm. Any condition would be ok as long as it isn’t bent or cracked. If you have one you are looking to sell, please give me a shout! Thanks. Dave

  • This is a 54 I just built up. First thoughts ... feels like a alu track bike with more tyre clearance and less toe overlap. I like.

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  • Because it comes up every 12 months or so, here are some 28mm Gatorskin on a Dolan Pre Cursa.

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  • Picked this frame up on here yonks ago and shamefully never used it for what I intended, then never got round to building it up at all. Started hanging spare parts on it then pretty much just needed wheels and crankset so thought I'd finish it off.

    Fun, not really had a fixed before. Don't have much use for it these days though.

  • Readers wife;
    I’ve had my PC over 5 years and have put around 20,000 miles on it in this guise. I bloody love it.


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  • OK im struggling a bit, I fancy a Dolan but i cant get my head around the sizing.
    Dolan have said a 56 but they dont have any built up to size up (Im local to them).
    Will a 56 be right or do i need to go for a 58 ? Im around 6ft, just over maybe, im carrying a lot of wrist and shoulder injuries too. I currently ride a draft lite but cant deal with the tiny headtube anymore, it got bmx bars last night.
    ive put the specs off the site here, it fits, just puts too much into my wrists.

    GEOMETRY 2016 SE Draft Lite
    Size 55cm
    Top Tube, Effective 573
    Head Tube 125
    Seat Tube Angle 74°
    Head Tube Angle 72°
    Chainstay 420
    Wheelbase 1028
    Bottom Bracket Height 282
    Standover 802

    Ive read through here, some say size up others say size down, its got me a bit baffled tbh.
    Does anyone have a standover measurement for both 56 and 58 ?

  • Which bike are you referring to?

  • okay then:
    the only difference between 56 and 58 is 2cm more stack/headtube (and slightly more reach/front-center, about 5mm.)
    So high or low headtube?

    edit: standover for 56 is about 81cm

  • I think it's the standover that's my issue, everything else can be adjusted. I had a plug freestyle in the wrong size years ago and it was horrible, that was my worry but 56 looks to be the right size then, cheers

  • Why does standover matter?

  • If standover is pretty much 800 I fit, seems to work with road bikes too, it gives me some seat post for comfort also

  • So you can put your feet on the ground without compromising the integrity of your groin no?

  • put your feet on the ground

    Both feet at the same time? Do ppl do this?

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Dolan Pre Cursa / PreCursa / Track Champion

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