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  • Will I be able to just put my current front wheel (formula track hub with 9mm solid axle + track nuts) in that fork? Says it's for QR wheels and I've never had any non-track specific components so I'm not sure if that means the dropout is different to the one on the alpina fork?

  • yes the dropout fits a 9mm axle + tracknuts.

  • Here is my commuter with Surly fugly trucker bars- soo comfortable thou

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  • Hive mind advice needed. Picked up an outlet frame, but I want a fork that will let me use a rack and Porteur style bag. Don’t want aluminium, but happy with steel or carbon - budget about 150. What do you think?

  • I've gone for an alu (sorry) canti cross/hybrid fork, lets you use one of those cheap sjs carrier racks, to which you can strap a bag or a basket:

    Most importantly lets you put big tyres in the front to match the silly-good clearance in the back, these are 35s. Basically I'm saying get a canti cross fork.

  • Thanks. I had Kinesis 7075 forks before, just felt too much vibrations, may be different with 35s. Can I ask where you got these?

  • Would this work? Ahead to integrated headset?­ndor-pioggia-steel-fork
    Was thinking cross check fork, but really low stock just now.

  • As far as I know, it should be fine. I don't think the fork cares whether the headset is integrated or external. Could look nice imo.
    Cross-check fork would change your geo a lot!

  • I'm thinking for gettin a pre cursa, and I'd need some help with sizing. Their sizing charts on their website seems to be very off?

    I'm 173cm (5.67 ft) with an 31 inch inseam

    Im debating between a 50 cm or 52 cm (even though their website says a Large, which is a 54, which I don't get)

    any help would be much appreciated!

    edit: this would be used for street riding, not velodrome)

  • 5'8" here - i have a 54 and wouldn't want anything bigger.

  • I’m 5’6 and ride a 50cm frame. Fits nice.

  • I'm bascially the same height and inseam as you and mine is a 54.

    Could be differences in arm length but idk. Mine is comfortable. I've ridden for hours on end, longest distance was about 70 miles and it was fine.

  • Similar size and I fit a 50.

  • Note that when he says 5.67ft he doesn't mean 5ft 6 inches, he means 5ft 8 inches (as in 5ft and 2/3rds of the way to 6ft), so if you're 5'6" like @bazschmaz and you also ride a 50cm that would make sense.

    Or maybe you're actually 5'8" as well and are just more comfortable on a 50, just thought I'd put it out there because it confused me at first.

  • I'm 172cm, but also have t-rex arms.

  • true! sorry about the confusion, I always screw that up

  • thanks for the replies btw!

  • could I see a picture of yours to see how extended is the seatpost? whenever you got time of course, thanks!

  • I'm 6ft and have a 58cm frame its rather compact as track frames are.
    I'd could probably ride a 60cm dolan.

  • Yeah I'm 5'11" and ride a 56 which fits perfectly with a 120mm stem and I use it as a fixed gear road bike - couldn't recommend it highly enough - I've had mine for 6(...7?) years now and still ride it every day

  • Just finnished this pre cursa to my brother, kinda makes me one as a beater. The fork is from ali express, it sux that it doesnt really ’fit’

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  • Has anyone here had any experience with the other DR1 or new style Le Tape. They seem full to be pretty well priced.

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Dolan Pre Cursa / PreCursa / Track Champion

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