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  • I'm thinking about building up a Pre Cursa frame from bits I've got lying around plus. Risers, low profile wheels plus some skinny steel forks from on here. Might end up looking shit.

  • @Rodolfo I think built one with a steamroller fork and it was pretty nice. Post up the results!

  • Any recommendations for a frame or eventually a frameset at similar price range as Pre Cursa? I want to build a budget fixie until before season finishes. I had a Pre Cursa once and want something different now.

  • This think is a pretty perfect distillation. I'd ride it if I didn't live in Seattle.

  • How big is the difference in rear clearance on a 52 and a 54 pre-cursa? I had what I'm pretty sure was a 35c in the back of my 54 and a friend is struggling to get a 28c in his 52, has anyone else found this?

  • That is like 4x the cost of a pre-cursa?

  • Whose side are you on?

  • I'm Switzerland

  • strongly agree SBC Cycles are awesome, esp for wheelbuilding

  • 5 shops (in no particular order) I'll go to Seabass, Bikefix, SBC, Brixton Cycles and BikeWorks

  • How far forward in the dropouts is the wheel? Clearance issues usually with the bridge between the seat stays and moving back in the dropouts sorts it. May need a longer chain.

  • Yeah he reckons he's done the usual tinkering, I need to take a look at it

  • Just finished, absolutely cannot wait to get out on it. Fuck rain.

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  • Cheers. Just needs matching stem and maybe 1 less chain link/drop bars..

  • Finally pulled the trigger on a 56cm. Opted for the winter grass fork and was wondering if anyone has experience of tyre clearance for them with a front brake? I've scoured this thread and consensus seems to be a 32 will definitely fit in the back, but is the road fork that roomy that it will accommodate a front brake too?

  • The brake caliper will decide your clearance - sram rival caliper will get you 32c without knobbies on tyre.

  • 30c Schwalbe winter with studs will fit.

  • Had an FXE with the winter/grass/mudguard fork.

    I could fit Conti 35mm CX race tyres, loads of caliper room, issue was sidewall clearance was minimal to the point of a muddy ride or any flex in front wheel or wheel out of true would have the side wall rubbing away the carbon fork.
    I reckoned on 32 max and avoid very muddy towpaths or park rides would be okay, which is handy as a lot of choice on cx tyres in that size.

    Rear is a case of altering sprocket size/chain length to get the tyre back enough to clear.

  • Thanks all. Have just received frameset and fork in post and clearance looks extremely generous. Chuffed.
    I was however expecting a bit more curve on the fork. Is it possible I've been sent the wrong one? Can't tell from eye when I compare on the website whether it's optical illusion or not, but they don't seem to sell any other similar looking fork with Dolan branding. Have I just received an updated version?

  • If you compare it with the photo of the frameset on their site, it looks like a completely different fork...I'm not going mad, am I?

  • Looks a bit like the deep drop carbon winter road fork, only without their Alpina branding.

  • I'm guessing you ordered the grass track frameset?

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Dolan Pre Cursa / PreCursa / Track Champion

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