Bob Jackson (Vigorelli, etc)

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  • Hey folks, I’ve just received new a Bob Jackson and I have a feeling the colour is wrong... this doesn’t look like Celeste Cosmos to me, could anyone give me any advice on whether it is or not

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  • if it is any consolation, the color looks really nice as is.

  • Yeah thats nice. Looks about the same as my old Bob Jackson which had some celeste cosmos on it. It’s on here somewhere... I like the gold lettering, good choice

  • Celeste Cosmos..... sounds like a girl I would have madly fancied in Uni but then never managed to get off with.

  • Question for the experts - I have had this Very poorly spray painted Bob Jackson for a few years and love it... I would like to know what it is for interest’s sake and also to possibly replace once it falls apart. It doesn’t seem like most of the Vigorellis posted as it has different lugs, fork and closer clearances. Any ideas??

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  • Do you know how old it is? Most Bob Jacksons with those capped seat stays have the BJ engraving on the cap. My Vigorelli is from 2004 and has the engraving so I guess yours would be a fair bit older than that. That would explain the differences.

    Looks like a more classic track geometry (steeper angles and tighter clearances) whereas the Vigorelli has more of a track/road mix. I’m sure BJ could do a custom frame with that geometry if you wanted.

  • I would like to know what it is for interest’s sake

    Am I right thinking you have Jackson decals vertically laid on head tube? This is mine, with lugs/fork crown similar to yours (although seat cluster is different). I bought it on here and previous owner had investigated with Bob Jackson. Bike is from 1974. Columbus tubing.
    Why do you think it will fall apart? Looks "healthy" on the picture...

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  • @veLLo @Momentum

    Thanks both - I think mine will be of a similar age to the one posted! Older than I thought. It’s still in good nick but has a bunch of dents and rust patches and generally has a tough life, hopefully it will hold out!

    I am 99.9% certain this is it in a former life - not sure how it ended up on the wrong end of a spray can.­91/

    I think you’re right about the angles etc, I wonder how much it would cost to replicate exactly. Any ideas on how to check tubing??

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  • Anyone on here had an Audax Club or an End to End?

    Would be really interested to hear how nippy / sluggish either of them are.
    I'm looking to replace my old 80s Galaxy with something that might be more fun for commuting and winter 'training', but that can still take a heavy ish load for occasional camping tours.

    The Galaxy is like a tractor, and it has a stupidly long top tube.

    Cheers : )

  • Looking for some advice about the Vigorelli... I've got one currently on order and have pretty much all the parts sorted but am now wondering if I have a compatible headset. I chose a Campagnolo Record 1" Threaded headset to go with the 1" threaded fork, but I am just learning that there are different standards in threading for 1" headsets? Would this headset be compatible with the Vigorelli?
    This is my first time properly building a bike so I apologise is this comes off like a stupid question...
    Any help would be appreciated!!

    Also - Anyone recently order a frame from BJ and have an estimate for lead time? I assumed it would be longer than the given lead (4 weeks), given the demand right now, but its been a bit over 6 weeks now. Not that I mind waiting but would be nice to know when it will ACTUALLY be done.

  • Keep us updated I'm going through a similar thought process

  • Any modern threaded frame will be ISO, same as the Record.

    (Japanese and vintage frames are slightly trickier, but that won't be the case with a Bob Jackson.)

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Bob Jackson (Vigorelli, etc)

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