For Sale: Jons Big Clearout 1

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  • I'll be posting more items/details/measurements of everything when I get in tonight, but here goes nothing.

    Everything is based in E2 and needs a bit of a shine.
    (I'll update items as folks call dibs/buy.)

    3T Aero stem. SF 120. £15 - motman GONE

    Cinelli 26.4 stem, mark on the underside of the clamp. 140mm (end of metal to end of metal), stamped 115. £10

    Cheapo stem. 127mm (end of metal to end of metal), stamped 100. £5 - PiQue Gone

    SR Single-ring crankset with chainring and dust caps. 170mm with 43t ring. £35 - George Sportif Gone

    Aero seat post, 27.2 £20 - playswellwithotters Gone

    Pair of Tiagra calipers, barely used, I swiped the brake blocks from the rear one for something else though. £15 - fandango Dibs

    Weinmann levers with hoods. £10

    Campagnolo 39t 3/32 classic chainring. £5 - otto GONE

    First Campagnolo 52t 3/32 classic chainring. £5

    Second Campagnolo 52t 3/32 classic chainring. £5

    Lovely textured Rolls saddle. £25 - George Sportif Gone

    Unbranded chopped riser bars, slight sweep. £10 - George Sportif Gone

    3T Forma bars with trademark straight curves. 44cm width. £15

    Campagnolo Mirage BB, Italian thread. 68mm shell with 111mm axle. £5 - Nosferatu Gone

    Avocet spongey/comfy saddle. £15 - Van Damage Gone

    Shimano one-sided SPD pedals. £10 - Sol Gone

    Cinelli 26.4 stem with matching bars, some slight marks near clamp on bars, some tape residue, great condition otherwise. £35 - nankatsu Gone

    First Weinmann levers/callipers, good condition. £15 - Tony2Wheels Gone

    Second Weinmann levers/callipers. £15



  • calipers please!

  • dibs cheapo stem

  • Can i have some specs for that crankset please?

  • [strike]first dibs on the First Campag 52T ring please[/strike]

  • would you sell the first set of weinmann callipers without the levers?

  • if pique dosnt take the chepo stem ill have it.

  • i would take the levers for the first weinmann gladly if you dont want them waffle
    i could chip in a 5ver.. been wanting some for ages

  • how long is the 3TTT stem (it's stamped on the side but can't make it out in photo). 1st dibs anyway.

  • The cranks are 170 with a 43 ring, need any other specs? They come with Campy bb/ring nuts/bolts.

    3T stem is 112mm c-c (bolt centre to clamp centre) or 142mm (end of metal to end of metal). Stamped as SF 120.

    I'll happily split if peeps are available for both parts of the lot.

  • 2nd dibs on the 3ttt stem, if Retro is not interested

  • sorry, length fail on 3TTT, undibs!

  • dibs cinelli bar and stem combo and rolls saddle
    will pm you

  • 52T Chainring unbids, sorry

  • Dibs on bb size pending.
    What size is it?

  • The Cinelli 26.4, 2nd from top still available? If so, i'll grab them!

  • 2nd dibs on cinelli stem

  • 2nd dibs on bb

  • dibs on the risers! will you post or is it collection only?

  • BB is a 68mm shell with 111mm axle.

    I'll post at cost but would prefer not to head to the PO if it can be avoided.

  • Jono, I'm interested in the Weinmann levers with the black hoods - do the cables come out the top or out the rear under the bar tape?



  • I'm pretty sure it's out the rear, will check later.

  • hmm, im in bristol you see no worries if its an effort, id be happy to pay the cost

  • How wide are the 3T forma bars and please can i see an overall piccy as they might mke good bull horns. Dibs if they do.


  • Cables definately come out of the back of the hoods (to be wrapped under tape).

    Forma bar is 44cm in width, I may be able to get you another piccy later tonight.

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For Sale: Jons Big Clearout 1

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