Sh**ty search

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  • Once in the thread, near the top there's a 'Search this thread' button.

  • If you want to get accurate search results within a thread without the "hassle" of doing an initial search and then a thread search, go to advanced search and choose "show results as posts" instead of as threads. I've found that to be a lot more accurate in terms of finding stuff without having to wade through thousands of posts within a thread.

  • If I am searching for a specific bike in the bike porn is there anyway I can jump straight to the page the photo is on? If you are searching for say, a Vanilla bike in Bike Porn, which you know has been commented on in a thread, UTFS will only come up with the fact that it has been commented on and you still have to plough through 17000 odd replys to find the highlighted results. Am I missing an easier way of finding it?

  • There is a option of display results by post or list results by post instead of list results by thread.­rchid=3211273

  • If you go into the Bike Porn thread, in the top right of the page it says "Search this Thread".

    Job done ( so long as someone mentioned vanilla in the thread ).

  • Ok, looks like it might be Chrome-related.

    Search no workies for me in Chrome.

  • Search works for me in Chrome 4. I have no earlier version to try it on.

    Perhaps a CTRL+F5?

  • You're telling me to Ctrl-F5? Spoken like a true father.

    I'm on 3something. How is Chrome 4?

  • the Search function is utterly useless?!

  • It's you.

  • What are you searching for?

  • Sweet fixies

  • BikeRadar >>>

  • Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

    last nite I was searching "cutting steering tube," and I highlited "Mechanics & Fixin'"... ok, it was late n' I was bollix'd, but...

    less relevant search strings, same (lack of) results...

    Mac OS X 10.6.8, Chrome

  • There's three "steerer cutting" threads, including this massive one:

  • If it doesn't find something, you might've been too specific so use less words in the search phrase.

  • Oh, and you called it a "steering" tube, it's "steerer".

  • One about carbon steerers:

  • thanks, I'll start with the massive 'un

  • "Oh, and you called it a "steering" tube, it's "steerer"."

    Reported for using correct spelling and terminology.

    Oh wait...

  • I appreciate I may be being thick here, but I can’t make the Microcosm search function work and have never been able to.

    What does it do? Does it search through individual posts? Thread/forum titles only?

    An example - I want to find the term ‘Fender Telecaster’, one that I know for certain crops up several times in the Guitar Nerds Anonymous thread. So I Search from the top-left menu button - no results. I search the Miscellaneous and Meaningless sub-forum which contains the Guitars thread - no results. Nothing until I track down the thread and search within it.

    Is that really how it’s supposed to work, or am I missing something obvious? (not entirely unlikely, I’ll grant you)

    Edit: I got it to work - apparently you have to return ‘No Results’, and realise (unprompted) that a Titles-Only filter has been applied, and you can remove that filter in the right-hand menu button. I appreciate all of that might be quite obvious from the desktop version, but it isn’t for a mobile user - I had to find a post about how it worked buried in the middle of the ‘What you can do with Search’ thread.

    Would it be possible for the search results page Suggestions list to tell users that they can de-filter in the side menu?


    It searches title only by default. On my phone browser, I tap the 3 dot menu and uncheck "title match search terms" or similar box. You can then check another box for comments only if you like.

    Search for the search thread, it's not super intuitive to those of us used to Google, but it can get you exactly what you want if you know what you are looking for and the fields to specify.



    That's the search thread. I have it bookmarked...

  • Thanks, I worked it out eventually - I’ve edited my post now.

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Sh**ty search

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