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  • One from a local Amsterdam brewery. Not sure if their stuff ever makes it across to the UK but this one's worth grabbing if you see it. Delightfully light and sour.

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  • De Hems usually have Oedipus on. Bottle shop used to bring it over, not sure who is now that they've gone.

  • On paper Pohjala Cocobanger should tick every box I have beer-wise but the aftertaste is just wrong :( Hint of ashtray

  • Result.

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  • Got one today too. I don’t normally drink much stout and yet to be switched on to the barrel aged craze but I thought I’d get one because I do like Vocation and cherry beer.

  • I’ve just drunk mine (with my wife). Cherry is really prominent which is nice, but it’s far too sweet for me.

  • sadly my closest Tesco was on the list but didn't seem to have it :(

    The buxton storm shadow stout from Tesco was great tho.

  • Oh. This is good.

    A 'Under-the-Stairs' beer that I've finally opened.

    Pomona Island Imperial Russian Stout aged in Marsala barrels. About the only joy you can get in lockdown...

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  • Had a few last night

    Layer Cake. Half a can was enough. Turned surprisingly metallic after the initial sweetness

    Northern Monk Peanut Butter and Jelly - absolutely not for me, revolting. Reminded me of the over flavoured Fierce beers

    Magic Rock Surreal Stout - very nice, would bang again

    Magic Rock Murk-Life Balance - also very good, hazy pale, extremely drinkable

  • Yes mate

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  • Getting ready for December.
    Compiled a sort-of advent calendar of beer (top shelf)
    Mostly stouts, dessert style.

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  • how are the 'salted caramel' stouts? I don't like caramel in real life ... so it always puts me off ...

    I haven't liked the Northern Monk PB and Jam or Tiny Rebel' marshmallow porter either ....

  • Layer Cake.

    I'm on my 2nd can (had other a few days back). There's something unusual in it, and it clicked tonight... it has a big hit of 1980's threadworm powder flavour.

    Northern Monk Peanut Butter and Jelly

    This for me was more Jam donught filling,I thought it worked well.

    Both are too sweet for my general liking, but if I had more I'd get through them.


    Sounds very good, enjoy!

  • Tesco seem to be the best super for beer at the moment.

    Unless you are lucky enough to live near a Booths.

  • Lucaria was absolutely forgettable

  • Scorched wort?
    I had a beer rebellion once that tasted exactly like ashtray.
    Apparently that can cause that taste.

  • Every day's a school day

    Thought Estonian brewers just had singular ideas about stouts like Scandinavians and licorice that tastes of sulphur.

  • I dunno? But it might be worth checking with them, as the batch might be fucked and they'll know about it.
    And you can try it again.
    Unless you try another Estonian brew to determine this.

  • they are "dessert stouts" so tend to pretty sweet, so not for every palette.

    I love them so am happy to be necking these shortly.

  • Booze fridge - living the dream...

    Interesting selection of stuff there too! Would be interested to hear what the cherry broken dream's like.

  • Cracked the Vocation Imperial Kirsch: pours like tar, rich, dark, and sweet, though not too sickly - balanced by a good whack of sour cherry coming through, then roasty coffee and chocolate. A boozy finish, but not overwhelmingly so - I wouldn't have said it was the 11+% ABV it comes in at.
    Definitely worth the fiver in Tesco IMO; will probably pick up another can or two for over th festive season.

  • Found them in the eerily well stocked Elmer's End store. Whenever I go in every shelf of every product is perfectly filled like a film set.

  • Birthday week so another one from the cellar.

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  • Ooft not seen one of them in a while

  • Nice for a sub 6.

    Coconut Porter

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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