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  • Looks good. Was it much different from a non modern barley wine?
    In teh olden days when communal drinking was a thing, a friend and I got rather squiffy on C oniston no9 at a local beer festival. Tasty but after 3 or 4 glasses things got a bit blurry!

  • I don't think it was far away from non-modern. A second can would've sunk me without a trace, it was a powerful 9%'er, I'd describe it like the "Old Rosie" effect with Cider.

  • I saw them selling that at the Mikkeller bar down the road. Looks lush, but the price made me pause. How was it?

  • This ones the best imperial stout I’ve had in ages, glad I picked up two

  • Been trying to support the local pub during COVID. Never really been into IPA's, but the stock he's got is spot on! Fingers crossed the pub survives.

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  • Nothing beats a 6am Peroni with the lads. Living my best life. #PubsOpening

  • It’s not getting into the pub those lads have got to worry about. Who’s going to help get them out of those clothes later? The emergency services are stretched less than those tartan leggings

  • Jimmy showing appreciation:

    I've spoken to regulars Chris and Jimmy. Jimmy hasn’t gone to bed after his night shift tarmacking the roads. He had a shower and came straight here. He described the taste of his first Carling as being like an ‘angel p***ing on the tip of his tongue’ @MENnewsdesk #citybacktolife

  • Coop 2 basic pizzas + 4 bud for a fiver offer is back. I accidentally dropped & smashed one of the bottles as I left

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  • ^ I almost think I prefer the Brewdog Lost Lager.

  • Had some Gravity Well beers while out east yesterday. Nice.

    Found another beer shop I've not been to before so going to sail the bike over there now I think.

  • Finished a Williams Bros. Brewing Co box over the last month, their Choka Bloka Mocka stout is my favourite discovery of lockdown.

    Now onto a BrewDog selection, the lost larger is better than I expected from the comments on here, it has a decent pilsner taste. The Barnard Castle is excellent and I’m saving the big ones.

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  • Lunch: Jaipur

    Afternoon Tea:



  • Punchy.

  • Jam Donught was a nice if slightly absurd desert ale last night

    Back on the Modern Barley Wine after a long day at the allotment.

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  • I found PUTJ impressively like doughnut jam, though perhaps unsurprisingy rather too sweet.

  • Enjoyed this so much in a Beer Hawk selection box, I had to go to the source and get a case.

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  • Having a To Øl Gose To Hollywood.
    It's nicely tart and refreshing.
    Worth picking up if you ever happen to be near a M&S

  • Plausible Deniability, Jefferson Birthday 3

    Got a bunch of new Polish heavy hitters from the BIL2B the other day too so they'll get caned when I get annoyed with work at 9am tomorrow...

  • Today's post ride sip. Decent, fair bit of fruit, perfect post ride

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  • Great name. My brother in law picked something up from them the other day called ‘It is Wednesday, my dudes’, which I assume is some meme that I don’t know about, but stands alone as an excellent name. Has a picture of a burger in it too, for some reason.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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