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  • Polly's Brew Co - The Feels Milkshake IPA.
    V. good.

  • X-Post just because I didn't know this existed...

  • It's almost as if someone has been doing their market research on LFGSS.

  • Off to the afternoon session at the CAMRA Winter Ales Festival in Brum; the plan is to take it very steady and stick to thirds of interesting-looking stuff...

  • There's a suggestion of flavour somewhere in this...

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  • Making up for last night, or more hype?

    Edit: it is very thick, good flavours. Reminds me of one of the nicer cough syrups I had as a kid.

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  • With all that talk about blonde Belgian beers in the audax thread...

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  • Marston's Horninglow range will have 6 beers in total:
    No1 - Bottle conditioned IPA (generally dislike IPAs so haven't tried)
    No2 - Bottle conditioned Imperial stout (i thought it a little watery, have been told it will improve with age)
    Coming Soons
    No3 - Double Dry Hopped IPA
    No4 - Extra Special Bitter
    No5 - Breakfast Stout
    No6 - Barley Wine

    I'm keen to try the Breakfast Stout and the Barley Wine, but will probably try them all eventually.

    I think they are only be available from Waitrose or Marston factory shops.

    (Also, Marston's are bastards)

  • Living in Belgium has its advantages

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  • Just finished a very pinky-purple third Hammerton Chicha. Looks like a fruited sour, tastes quite like a fruited sour, no fruit in it whatsoever. Crazy.

    Purple maize, all in my brain.

  • I'm in Belgium for my birthday (with the car).

    My plan was to hit Westvleteren and De Struise tomorrow, a friendly person told me about this place­_ons so I'm going to head there too, I'll be eating beans for the rest of the month but it will be worth it.

  • Deconinck is ace, just don't go over lunch as they are closed.

  • If you miss west Vleteren/can’t get any, get some st Bernardus in any supermarket

  • Westvleteren was a mahoosive disappointment once I finally had some, as mentioned St Bernardus Abt 12 is the shiz, Rochefort 10 and UK’s Tynt Meadow also super noice

  • I've been before, I'm not a big fan of 8 but loved 12 so picking up a few while we are in the area. Already got a load of bottles of Rochefort in the car!

  • I've had both and not sure I agree with the thought they are the same/similar, but I'll hopefully be bringing back both and will try them side by side!

  • Anyone know if St Bernardus Abt 12 ages well? Found a couple bottles hidden behind some cooking ale in my rack from about 2 years ago

  • It is high enough abv that it should be ok I reckon.

  • Would have thought they'll be fine; high gravity stuff will keep ok for a good few years. As a rule, as it ages you'll lose some hop character, but will gain complexity in the body. Open them and see!

  • Orval or death

  • Stuck in Belgium for another night as all the ferries are cancelled, I wasn't really ready to come home yet anyway, so every cloud!

    Went to Westvleteren earlier, they only had 8 for sale in the shop so had a 12 in the Cafe.

    The trip to Bierhalle Deconinck yesterday paid off such a massive selection, and fairly priced too would definitely recommend a visit.

    Back in Ypres now enjoying a De Ranke Guldenberg.

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  • Lucky bugger

  • MTBeer emptying here

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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