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  • Not really sure.

    I'm trying to avoid "wheat" because psoriasis. This is big and cakes, biscuits, bread, pasta have gone (sadface) and in has come label checking.
    I love beer. I think for "purity" it'll have to be rice sourced beer won't it?

    It's complicated as I've also had a steroid injection and I'm on the meds. So any decrease I've seen so far is because of the steroid. I'd quite like to get to march and be wheat free to see what the deal is. By then the steroid will be out the system and I'll have a new life ahead of me.

  • I’m not a chemist, but know a man who is, but what is it in wheat that’s likely to be the root cause?

    Obviously as a coeliac, I have to avoid gluten, which is present in wheat, rye, barley and some other cereals. The safe level for me is fewer than 20 ppm, which beers labelled as gluten free need to be. There are a number of brewers who use enzymes to make almost all of their beers gluten free, like First Chop Brewing Arm and Westerham Brewery, plus other brewers who do this to some of their range.

    I’ve not tried the new bottle shop in Penge Heights, but Three Hounds near me stocks a small range of gluten free beers.

  • Has your consultant ever suggested biologicals? I went through the whole gamut of psoriasis treatments before being put on Humira a decade ago (though switched to the generic last year), and it was a total magic bullet for me.

  • I went on a beer pilgrimage this afternoon; headed to Waitrose and grabbed some of the Marston's (hadn't looked at that article yet - milkshake duck strikes again...), then on to Stirchley, where I found that Cotteridge Wines was still on holiday hours and closed until tomorrow FFS. Probably a blessing in disguise, as I walked down the road to Stirchley Wines and was shocked into paralysis by their equally massive selection, before walking out with a bunch of interesting stuff. Got a bottle of that Guinness/Lindemans collaboration; sadly the Brooklyn Black Ops at £25 a (big) bottle was a little rich for my blood.

  • I am on a combination of methotrexate and benepali (anti tnf).

    I've switched off of one anti tnf already in the approx 3 and a bit years of being on them. I'm slightly concerned about bouncing off benepali and then going down the spiral of nomore medicines available.

    Sorry for the detail and derail.

  • Salt X The Queer Brewing Project
    "Flavortown" Imperial porter.
    Like drinking boozy hokey pokey. Yum.

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  • ^ looks interesting

    I've been off the booze since New Year cos of lurgy.

    Broke my drought tonight with this as running out of cupboard space and feeling better. (good tasty stout btw)

    Also, got a Marstons #1, the Waitrose near here had no #2 nor Fullers Vintage. It really is grim up north.

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  • Marston's 2, the Imperial stout, is shit.
    Tastes thin and leaves an aftertaste of blood (copper/metallic tang)
    Popping the other bottle in the cupboard for a few years and hope it improves some what.

  • That's a pity - this article suggests it was all brewed back in September, and the head brewer suggests it might not be at its best for another couple of months:­ful-unions/

  • Great link, thanks. This is interesting to note

    Equally unusually, Pat McGinty has made this 7.5 per cent abv beer using straight-up Burton well-water, rammed as it is with sulphates, which, conventionally, is seen as terrific for pale beers but not so great for dark ones, where a more London-like brewing liquor, with lots of calcium carbonate in, is regarded as optimal.

  • Yeah, I thought so too; it was that piece that made me determined to pick up a bottle or two. I've also heard that strong bottle-conditioned beers sometimes go through phases of condition, so they can go from tasty to less tasty and back to tasty again over a course of months. I've got a bottle swap planned with a bunch of mates in March, where we should have a decade's worth of Fuller's Vintage Ale releases to taste and compare - I really hope we hit them all in a good phase...

  • a decade's worth of Fuller's Vintage Ale releases to taste and compare

    Well jel. Enjoy!

  • Had one of these lagers last night at the omnipollo thing and thought the idea behind the beer was pretty cool:

  • This is awesome

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  • We had to do charity donations for our secret santa last year and someone got me a 12 pack of these. It counts as all proceeds go to charity.

  • That's pretty cool. Reminds me, I've still got coffee vouchers from mine. I gave beers. Uppers downers it's all good. :)

  • Slange

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  • Tried this one as my local shop was hyping it up:­land-van-mortagne/141500. It sucks. Hard pass. Will use them to cook with :')

  • In the rare times i've been well enough to drink so far this year I've been enjoying gift beers from a forumengers partner who I helped with a training plan, which was a very nice gesture from them & they chose very well with Chimay and Anchor Porter included.

    Back to the offie tonight, BBNo64 Choc Coconut Impy Stout about to go down with Pizza and Chips. Also got Beartown Imperial Creme Bearlee for another night...

    Turned down this at £27 for 500ml:­t-old-rasputin-bourbon-barrel/71101/

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  • I'm catching up on this thread - hope I don't share your view, as recently picked up a can. High hopes for the whole haul.

    Also had some of the @DethBeard recommended Wild Beer Ninkasi and Fullers Lime Gose from Waitrose. Ninkasi was great. Lime Gose was very drinkable but there's not much supporting the big lime and salt.

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  • I hope the Cloves taste has softened and you enjoy it.

    Edit: or that you like Cloves.

  • Tiny Rebel After Hours, porter at 10%.
    Pretty tasty, quite licorice, not too boozy for a strong beer.
    Only had a half (after a few pints of African Porter) and was a nice finisher. Couldn't imagine a session on it.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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