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  • When I say track down, I mean, I'm balls deep in Fullers pubs so I'm sure it'll appear somewhere before my eyes soon enough.

  • The card on the shelf in the Ruislip Waitrose told me it is a 'Fullers exclusive for Waitrose',
    so I don't think the salt-free Lime Gose will show up in a Fullers pub.

  • Do you work for Fullers? Now I need to go somewhere else for more beer? Sheesh, I'm already a week behind in my advent calendar.

  • Dethbeard upthread has already compiled a Waitrose shopping list for you.
    Not an employee of Fullers,
    but a mate who recently went on the Brewery Experience,
    reports Asahi are investing in the Chiswick site and have taken on some additional brewing staff.

  • I didn't realise that was all from Waitrose. I used to go there a lot more when I lived closer. Maybe I'll ride over. Shitfucks! I don't need more beer! buys more beer

  • I was saving some Westvleteren 12 and drinking one a year but after 3 years I opended one and it had 'seperated' and had loads of floaters. Drank the rest at that point and they were OK but it puts me off saving any in the future.

  • I've still got some that are probably older than that. I didn't want to pay £32 a bottle in Thailand for newer ones :)

    I've got other bottles that are 7 years old or more. Maybe I'll start cracking them open. It'll mean less shit to take to Spain. :D

  • Cupboard emptying session this weekend then.

  • Weird Beard open day (take two). I might be nice and share some of these with my xmas peeps. Only problem is, the two sets of families we normally spend xmas with are both sort of off the beers due to health reasons. I guess I have to force them down my gullet all by myself :)

  • I was thinking my cupboards.

    Weird Beard

    My Lol doesn't seem to stock now. I miss their brews. Dark Hopfler was the best low abv I've had.

  • Ah, well, if you need help emptying your cupboards..

    I really like WB's Sadako and most of the variants of it. Missus really likes their sour thing that I've forgotten the name of...

    But I drink most of beers because I like having a cool little brewery near me. Oh and they do­o-hippy-hating-hippie/2288137

  • I quite enjoyed the Lime Gose*, but it's not massively salty.

    I looked this up a while back, and despite both being sour beers, 'Gose' and 'geuze' are not cognate - IIRC the former comes from 'Gosslaer', which is related to the name of the town/region it originated from.

  • Saltacious Plum it is she likes. I got a couple of bottles of this in BA form last weekend. Yet to try.­o-saltacious-plum/3031041

  • That looks ace, did you help them brew it?

  • Gose is also pronounced goes-uh

  • Haha no chance I'm getting into brewing. I helped them drink a bit though :)

  • 2015 bottling of this...


  • Lime Gose is a bit watery and not that sour.

    I was drinking a blood orange and cranberry sour (London Beer Factory - Summer Solstice I think it's called) yesterday and that turns your face inside out, very sour

  • Had forgotten some of what was in my keeper cupboard... I've stashed 7 Buxton Imperial Stouts for starters. Drinking this one from 2016 now.

    I think tomorrow will be perfect night to drink the 2015 Fear the Reaper that I rediscovered.

    Also found a past bbe Imperial Ardbeg from Cloudwater and a near bbe Sadako from Weird Beard, must've posted both in this thread when I bought them, forgot to drink them. Both should be ok for Xmas boozing I reckon. /csb

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  • Lime Gose is a bit watery and not that sour.

    Did you detect any salt?

  • That's the one

  • I've kinda decided that if I'm going to move I should drink all the stuff I've cellared so I have less stored crap.

    For now the plan is to replace it with a lot of the EFP advent calendar beers because I've had a few of those before and it'd be good to see them when they've mellowed out a bit plus they're not as likely to hang around for 'special occasions'.

  • Given the salt-free nature of the Waitrose/Fullers Lime Gose,
    can anyone recommend one for the true Gose experience?

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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