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  • I did that with some pals a few years back on his birthday. We ordered Guinness and champagne and some empty glasses, spent about £50, make a mess and ended up with something that tasted like a bad Mann’s brown ale.

  • poor man's black velvet, White Lightning and Guinness

    Ftfy. Strongbow is also acceptable.

  • Sounds horrendous.
    Have some shit Lidl cider someone left after a summer barbecue in the fridge.
    I'll add it to the list...

  • Shit cider goes in the freezer and is drunk as a slushy, surely?

  • I've made black velvet with champagne and good bottled stout before, and I agree; unless it's transformatively better with draught beer, I don't really see the point.

    Edit: as a student, the birthday drink for me and my mates was a Fuller's Golden Pride and port (we were all real ale drinkers). Rich and tasty, but have one, and your legs rapidly stopped working...

  • 20ml vermouth, 20ml campari top up with pilsner.

  • shit Lidl cider


  • Surely the ideal mixer for port is blue WKD giving a Cheeky Vimto.

  • port Pernod, blackcurrant, vodka, lemonade aka Jelly Bean was a drink of my teenage years.
    Then just port Pernod and blackcurrant.
    Until a night in Basildon Police station bar (they had a bar on the 5th floor for staff and for some reason me and a few mares, was dirt cheap) when I yaked up purple and haven't touched it since.

    Edit: cocktails thread >>>>>

  • Ugh. You're remind me of a brutal night out that I had in Lisbon last April.

    Met a really nice local known as Nuno who introduced me to Tequilasby. A half pint of Somersby cider with a shot of Tequila in. Strangely drinkable, terrifyingly energetic.

  • Who buys Pernod?
    Is it just sadistic parents who think "Ill fuck my teenager up"?

  • Snakebite with Pernod and black currant cordial aka The Purple Nasty. Tasted like cough candy twists, got you spectacularly drunk. Purple vomit optional.

  • Was on a stag do with a list of pubs and drinks for each one, a few years back. (Drinking golf perhaps?)
    Was about 6 in when we ordered those.
    Barman refused because "you'll get cunted, and might cause trouble" convinced him we were sound and would be moving on after these.

    Didn't cause any trouble but we were well and truly cunted by the end of the night.
    I think.
    I don't really remember much after those.

  • The Purple Nasty

    You're not a Loughborough Uni alumni are you? The Purple Nasty was the student drink of choice when I was there years ago. (Usually minus the Pernod though, so effectively just a snakebite'n'black).

  • This was in rural Hampshire, before university days.

  • I used to work on a campsite in France and at 10am every day, all the guys who worked on the grounds team would return to the depot for a pastis to stave off the shakes and see you through until lunch.

    I’ve always quite enjoyed one on holiday in France but fuck drinking it in this country.

  • Back to the dark beers I found this, wouldn't normally seek out Brewdog and it could be awful but it sounds nice..

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  • The Mrs had a can of Beavertown cherry milk stout last night. Sounded horrendous to me but she loved it...

  • A proud mother

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  • Some absolute crimes documented here­ness/

  • It's a overrated nitro beer that has a good market. What do you expect?

  • Omgz.
    It's like being in my house some of those.

  • Best pint of Guinness in London? (Other than the ol' shil in Stokey)

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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