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  • Sharp’s Atlantic? Craft? Absolute dross.

    I don’t think I’ve drunk any of the others apart from Punk IPA in a bottle.

  • You were right. Cans only.

    And a free glass. 😉

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  • I know, I know.

    Don't shoot the messenger...

  • That Brett Stock Ale is delish

    I'm still haven't drunk it. Debating about putting it out of sight for a couple of years or just drinking it now.

  • Simple. Get two

  • Yeah but then you have to keep tasting notes and ain't nobody got time for that.

  • Write notes, wrap them round the second bottle, hold in place with a rubber band.

  • You've done this before haven't you.

  • Simple. Get two, drink both

    ^ Simpler.

  • Ha ha, no! I'm much more the rhb model!

  • ^ I'm buy two drink one tonight, the other one is the titanic grand reserve plum jobby.

    They also have 2l swingtop bottles of the t.g.r.p.j, it's £30 and very tempting as I could re-use the bottle for my homebrew.

    The siren is very big on the barrel flavour, v.nice.

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  • I'm on the Duvel tonight. None of my very locals have anything strong and dark.

  • The only beer of colour in my local shop (what a world we live in). Passion fruit does not a tasty stout make.

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  • To be honest I wasn't that fussed about the Plum Grand Reserve. It was a bit meh.

    Nice swing bottle though.

    Titanic's best beer is the Chocolate and Vanilla Stout but it's fucking well hard to find.

  • Cloudwater DDH Pale and Twisted Barrel X Green Duck Lost in Liquids Translation are both lush this evening.

  • Not convinced by that at all.

  • Guinness and kahlua for me tonight.

  • I had it last year and it was ok from memory. It is a relatively low abv for what I drink in winter so I have to reset my expectations. Think I'll be happy to revisit 750ml again.

    Got a feeling I have had the choc vanilla stout but might be confusing it for something else.

  • Neither am I.

    In other news, I got over my trepidation and tried the Siren white CCC - it’s bloody great. Probably the best of this year’s batch. Tastes exactly as you’d expect, but all the good expectations and none of the bad.

  • ^ good to know about white ccc, I wasn't sure last night but may get a can to try next time.

    Just found this in local indie vegan supermarket, 9.4% = tonight sorted.

    Edit: now with pic, this is lovely. Heavy on the Chocolate.

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  • Siren Broken Dream cans £1.75 at my local Morrisons. Also picked up the following - hope the contents live up to the can...

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  • Strong.
    I approve this mixing of Guinness and other booze.

  • Starting the week off right.

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  • My Brother in law was telling me about port and Guinness being a thing.
    Will be trying at some point.

    Also had (poor man's) black velvet the other day, Prosecco and Guinness. Didn't being anything to the party for me. Either were better on their own.

  • I rate G + Tia Maria which is a bit like G+ Kahlua. These were my sunday recovery drinks at some point in my life.

    G+anything bubbly just makes it precipitate into a chewy mess.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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