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  • Stone tap takeover at North Bar Leeds tonight. I may be a little worse for wear later...

  • How did it finish?

    'Old Golden Hen' here. A huge comedown from Birthday DIPA and DIPA v12.

  • Couldn't finish it. A sickly sweetness with all the smoke just wasn't going down well. Will look out for it on tap or actually chill another bottle at some point and see if that improves drink-ability...

  • Rex Attitude or xeRRex?

    Either way, pretty damn awesome. One of my favourite beers.

    Edit: I'll try reading more than a sentence next time before commenting. Try the xeRRex if you get a chance, also awesome.

  • Ah, shame. Let us know how cold one fares!

  • Surprisingly enjoying Chorlton's Goldings Sour. Lots of fruit and honey flavours. Who knew a boring British hop could taste so good.

  • The first one, will give it another go as I do like both strong and smokey beers. Will keep an eye out for the other.

    Got their South Pacific Porter and either the Pacific IPA or Rye Amber in the fridge downstairs. Should be a nice mid-afternoon tipple.

  • Was first introduced to Yeastie Boys beers with the Pot Kettle Black porter, very tasty beer.

    I'm a huge Laphroaig fan so the Rex Attitude/xeRRex are right up my street!

  • Just cracked open the PKB and Divine Hammer (amber ale). Both good.

    Also tried "Beyond the pale - b carotene" by Garage Project, couldn't tell if the sweetness came from the carrot or the maple but it was pretty good and I'll kid myself into thinking it passes as a health food drink.

  • That sounds lovely

    Stuck some Orval in the fridge ready for Omloop

  • Honest Brew taster box arrived. 6 beers for 9 quid w'free delivery:

    Beavertown – Neck Oil – Session IPA 4.3%
    Wild Beer Co – Wild Goose Chase – Saison 4.5%
    Wylam – Hickey the Rake – Limonata Pale 4.2%
    Siren – Vermont Tea Party – Earl Grey Pale Ale 3.6%
    8 Degrees Sunburnt – Red Ale 5.0%
    Northern Monk – Northern Star – Mocha Porter 5.9%

  • Hickey the Rake is top notch

  • Van buying isn't going so well, should have been keener with some of our bookings. Found a bottle shop round the corner and grabbed this with change I had on me. 8%, £3.50, nice and hoppy

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  • Yes it was. The 8 degrees sunburnt red ale was blooming marvellous too

  • Van buying isn't going so well

    What happened to the (admittedly potentially flawed) plan of buy the first one you see?! P.s. >>>>>> Van thread

  • Sold before we got to the viewing! The next didn't have any storage, then we found an ace-looking Ford Econovan but after a quick search on the internet it seems like the odometer has been broken after 400k km and that well over 7 years ago...

    Hopefully viewing another this morning! Beer in the fridge in case it doesn't work out.

  • Have been drinking a fair amount of lovely hoppy, deep, strong, flavoursome "craft" beer recently. I really enjoy it. But today during a mammoth gardening session, in the wind and the drizzle, I got a craving for a good old fashioned pint of English Ale. Such a delight to tuck into a pint of Butty Bach this evening. You understand why we've brewed what we traditional brew after a day like today.

  • If in doubt, more beer. Hope you get on the road soon though...

  • Beer deal :) I'm the founder of HonestBrew and wanted to give the LFGSS crew a discount. Please don't share it on Wowcheer or one of those deal sites.

    Code LFGSS will give you 10% off the shop for beers and mixed cases. I'll leave it active as long as it doesn't find its way on to a devil site.

    P.s we just got this in and it's excellent!­candy-dipa/

  • Saw that on sale in some places for over £6.50 a half, crazy

  • Ouch! London?

  • Yeah, Craft Beer Co I think

  • Hi @Reeves , happy subscriber (298690) here, if you could see your way of dropping one of those Hop Candy in my next box that would be super.

    Really happy with the service so far.

  • More NZ beer stuff...

    Fucked off Auckland for a couple of days and drove up to Waipu. Not much going on other than beaches, glow worm caves and generally not being in a city... There is however MacLeod's Brewery and "Pizza Barn". We skipped the bread discs and hit the taps including their Double IPA, Scotch Ale, normal IPA and some sort of double I-Belgian style-PA, all of which pretty tasty.

    Back in the city today, popped back to Brothers Beer and tried the attached, all very good too. If things go to plan tomorrow we'll soon be setting off for the smaller breweries and the other not-shit natural features up and down the land of the long white cloud...

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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