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  • We're here until 10pm tomorrow, might try and swing by for a breakfast beverage if the weather's slightly less shit than forecast...

  • Yeah, hence my disappointment. I always expect syrup when I'm drinking big ABV stuff.

  • Big rep for Italian Job in Chiswick.
    The guy behind the bar knows his beers and so do I now, after drinking all of them :)

  • Beavertown Heavy Water with Chilli is my first 5 rating on Untappd. Pretty much perfect

    The Brewdog Born to Die was really great too. £5.70 for a half tho 😬

  • Verdant maybe one more PSI is my favourite beer of the year so far after some pretty heavy competition. Like drinking fruit juice, but better

  • spits out tea £5.70 a half??!!!!

  • Yeah is £7 for a 660ml bottle online then £5 postage. Am in Brewdog Clerkenwell. Prices are insane but some great guest beers.

    Prices for decent beer are stupid in London

  • Self Assembly Pope is a coconut laced wonderpint

  • In Mikkeller, flight in 7 hours and paper $$$ to burn. What's the worst that can happen...

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  • Did you try that at the Beavertown Birthday bash? I'd love to try both the new Heavy Waters.

    Managed to pick up the Cloudwater Ardbeg BA Imperial and Islay Stout along with a couple of other goodies from Love to Brew.

  • No, Brewdog Clerkenwell had it on tap as one of their guest beers. Probably the best beer I have ever tasted.

    I do think it is crazy how so many lovely old boozers are closing down, yet Brewdog are packed on a Monday night and charging 6 - 7 quid for a decent pint of IPA.

    The guest beers were 5 - 6 quid for a half.

    Also went to The Craft Beer Co. Nice place, counted 32 beers on tap.

  • Most lovely old boozers are closing because their landlords are doubling the rent so they can turf them out and turn them into flats which are more lucrative.

  • ^ Yeah I remember reading that, what a thoroughly great read.

    I would support a policy around securing long term tenancy for older pubs and a grade listing that would deter developers.

    Am getting old now and I need a quiet pint and a game of Rummy

  • Celebrating the first week and first afternoon off the new job. Amazed there's any of this left at my local.

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  • Mason & Company are doing a tap takeover up in North Bar Leeds.

    Never had anything from them before. Recommendations?

  • Mason & company are a bar not a brewery, bit puzzled about what would be on

    OK did some research and North Brewing Co are doing a tap takeover at Mason and Company

  • Was it good times?

  • Mason & company are a bar not a brewery, bit puzzled about what would be on

    OK did some research and North Brewing Co are doing a tap takeover at Mason and Company

    Wondered why I'd never heard of them! Guess they are just bringing London beers t'up norf.

    Preferably without the price tag!

  • Mason & Company is a Five Points venture so I'd guess it's probably a Five Points takeover unless they're in the distribution game

  • Ohh... I like Five Points.


  • Weird Beard - Master Of Nuggets. Tasty, quite toffee-ish brown ale.

  • Was at the National Winter Ales Festival last night. Winner of the Porter category (and second overall) was Sulwath 'Black Galloway' - fuck knows how, because while it was nice enough on first taste, it had a rather overwhelming aftertaste reminiscent of cheap whisky. Had to chuck the rest of my half.

    On the other hand, highlights of my taste adventures were Daleside 'Morocco' (one of the nicest spiced beers I've had), a bottle of Nøgne Saison, and Cerveza Dougall's 'Invierno', a Spanish "barley wine" at 7.5% that went down like a fresh, fruity, hoppy IPA. Delicious and scary all at once.

    Didn't have the opportunity to try Moor's 'Old Freddy Walker', disappointingly and I ran out of cash before I could get a bottle of To Øl 'By Udder Means'

  • To Øl tap takeover at Bottleshop SE1 tomorrow. Gunning for the Mr Blue Fruit Sout and Mr Brown Double Bock w/ coffee.­28585390/

  • Couldn't or shouldn't? Undecided at the moment as it's at room temp and that's somewhere in the mid 20s. Lots of smoke either way.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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