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  • Someone shared a can of Pulp with me recently in The Rake but I was too drunk to remember anything about it

  • This is to me? Gutted... I'll still try it just to be sure

  • Yeah, try it for a laugh.

  • I hate the marketing, but the latest Brewdog "Born To Die" (ugh) is absolutely fantastic. I'd describe it as a pale double-IPA. Has incredible hop flavour and aroma which is reminiscent of eating opal fruits.

  • Not a fan of hippety hops.

    Stalwart Ruddles County atm.

  • Hop Zij Met Ons by Jopen is lovely. An IPA with notes of toffee, which was odd.

    Gluten free as well.

  • Yeah, haven't had a bad one yet and have been picking up anything I can. Bloom is probably my favourite, really great juicy IPA. Saw they'd released a few new ones the other day which is imaging will be hitting London about now

  • Anyone get hold of the Cloudwater Birthday DIPA?

  • Probably 1 per person at my LBS so will check it out.

  • Not sure if any made it out for wholesale but if there's any available anywhere please shout!

  • Not sure if any made it out for wholesale

    LBS said not, just at the Taphouse. May pop in as not been there yet.

    P.s. DIPA v12 was in lbs but for some crazy reason I didn't buy any.

  • DIPA v12

    Fixed. V.fruity.

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  • Got the Cloudwater/Brewdog colab on the go tonight, it's great but basically like Lupuloid.

  • Cloudwater have said they will brew the birthday one again

  • Yeah, enough to supply shops etc I read. Hoping to get down the taphouse briefly after an evening shift today as it's on way home.

  • I went to a beer and cheese night at Sourced Market last night through my workplace's social committee (which I am on so I organised this one selfishly). We got a massive plate of cheese and 3 beers each from Crate and Howling Hops for a fiver thanks to the subsidy.

    The Crate beers were tasting really good, the nut brown in particular.

  • Anybody tried Flavourly?

    10 craft beers per month with free delivery, 20 quid month. Seems like a good deal

  • Not heard great things about it. Old beers, infected beers, late deliveries, hard to cancel, no telephone number.

    Also they do a 3 month gift voucher but the recipient of such a gift is asked to put in their bank details and is actually signed up to the subscription and not just 3 boxes.

  • Great thanks for the tip.

    I need options this weekend. I only have a Majestic, and a Whole Foods that do anything that would blow up the skirt of an ale aficionado.

    Currently only have a couple of bottles of Santa Paws and some Camden Pale. FML

  • Where abouts are you?

  • If you're mail ordering just use Ale By Mail or similar.

  • Heard beer bods is alright and Honest Brew

    Beermerchants don't do a monthly box but they have just reduced their shipping rates

  • Just went and picked up a couple of the ne Verdant 'Maybe one more PSI' DIPA, Bloom & the new Magic Rock & Cloudwater IPA's. Pretty set for the weekend

  • Cotswolds. I have a Whole Foods in Cheltenham, and a Majestic who have now run out of Jackhammer.

  • Thanks for that. I joined Honest Brews Honesty Box. Got the first 6 beers for 9 quid, then subsequent monthly 12 beers.Ā­-made-honesty-box-trial/

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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