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  • Waitrose in Brunswick Centre stocks it cheaper but the M&S on Tottenham Court Road has it and I think there is a multi buy 25% off on wine and beer if you buy 3 or 6 depending on type of store.

  • Rainbow project draw has happened. Results are:

    Partizan + New Belgium 2017 Orange Barrel Green
    Magic Rock + Casita 2017 Red Barrel Indigo
    Wild Beer + Side Project 2017 Indigo barrel Red
    Siren + Sante Adaerius 2017 Blue Barrel Violet
    Hawkshead + Modern Times 2017 Green (4th year running) Barrel Yellow
    Burning Sky + 3 Floyds 2017 Violet Barrel Orange
    Beavertown + Jester King 2017 Yellow Barrel Blue

    Very excited to get some beers from US breweries that don't normally make it over here. Casita is owned by an ex-siren employee. Side Project is run by Cory King who is the Head brewer at Perennial who are awesome in their own right. Plus Jester King and New Belgium are just fucking awesome.

  • What is Rainbow Project? Are these UK/US collabs that make it here?

  • Every year 7 UK breweries collaborate with 7 breweries from an overseas country (last year was NZ). They are assigned a colour and have to produce a beer inspired by that colour (Yellow Belly was a rainbow project beer). They usually have a launch day, this year they launched at Beavertown, Magic Rock and Siren. I went along to the Beavertown one this year and it was great, all the beers were on tap along with others from all the breweries involved. You can buy a case of them or you can find them separate in bottle shops (Siren's Blacklight Banana was a beer from this year and is everywhere at the moment).

  • NZ beers were dissapoint, I think I tried two, Garage Project beers are great (so I was really excited about it) but X Siren that black banana wherever I had it on Tap wasn't great. The only other one I tried was the Fork X Magic Rock which was ok.

    I'm headed to Magic Rock taproom in a few weeks, I'm pretty excited about that.

    Have Picked up some Cloudwater DIPA 9 and Omnipolo X Brewdog Fruit Bat, for Christmas. Will also try and track down some decent Mead.

  • Yellow Belly

    I haz.

    Siren's Blacklight Banana

    I haz.

    I'll keep any eye out but really I stopped following all the brewers on twitter to try and reduce my compulsive beer buying/drinking. It's not working.

  • Cloudwater DIPA 9

    I have one bottle left.

    Omnipolo X Brewdog Fruit Bat

    I have about a dozen cans of this.

  • Fruit bat is ok but not my style. Not big fan of fruit stuff and it's a little tart for me. Prefer DIPA. The DIPA is decent if not amazing. Depends what I've had before it though.

  • Key Lime Tau was also a rainbow beer and Crooked Stave have now made it a core range beer.

    The Burning Sky/Liberty (Descent into Maelstrom) and the Beavertown/Parrotdog (Universal Mind) rainbow beers this year were great.

    That Blacklight Banana is awful, was metallic and thin on the day and hasn't improved.

    I've got high hopes this year.

  • Did enjoy Descent into Maelstrom.

  • Blacklight Banana

    I'll have to try this tonight. Compounded misery with the twist of alcohol-induced apathy.

  • can i buy Orval in london, or just online? I remember it being incredible, so I want to buy some for christmas, but I can't remember if it's 5 bottles or 10 bottles good, so want to remind myself

  • Fullers Vintage on cask in The Harp just now. May pop down after work.

  • Yes, it's everywhere.


    My local has it. Seems quite a lot of better pubs will have it.

  • The Draft Houses all have it I think

  • I'm sure I've seen it in Tesco.

  • Lowlander and Dovetail will have it. Orval and Duvel are almost as common as Leffe.

  • thank you both

  • The beer in the Harp was actually Fullers Imperial stout. 11.5% I think. I had one pint on an empty stomach at £4.50 and was pretty wankered already.

  • A very lfgss ale. Tasty too.

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  • Meantime will brew you a beer based on your DNA profile for £25k, fucking retarded. It's all a bit Nathan Barley.­6/12/meantime-bespoke/

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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