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  • please explain /paulinehanson

  • That sounds like something I was built for...

  • What the shit? 11 pints in 51 pubs? That's not a pub crawl, that's just visiting pubs.

  • On the real ale chat, if you're out west

    Dodo in Hanwell is the best

    Owl & Pussycat in Northfields
    brew their own Ealing Brewing beers (I was drinking their IPAs last night, my local shop had them in)

  • I reckon your shelf for the record could be in the stratosphere.

  • I'd need the route on a Garmin otherwise I'd just end up running around the same pub for 24hrs :D

  • There's probably a world record for that too.

  • Seeing the Five Points brewery mentioned a page back, tonight is the launch of their annual Derailed Porter, which is their excellent Railway Porter that’s been matured for 9 months with Brettanomyces wild yeast. Not sure what the abv is, but I’ll be reporting live from the Permbury from about 7pm. Much excite.

  • Oh that's always a lovely drop

  • The breweries that were going to hold the meeting at the festival have pulled out now.

  • Have any of you lot done the Great British beerathon?­erathon.html

    Great fun.

    I did it once, and consider myself OK at running and drinking, but it took me 80 minutes or so to finish (from memory). Lots of room for improvement

  • Have got tickets for the whole weekend (+ flights and accommodation for the weekend) but really don’t want to go now. Must have been living under a rock but this was all news to me a couple of days ago. Going to ask for a refund which I think is fairly unlikely to go through but at the moment they’ve got ~£440 of our cash in tickets and breweries dropping out at a rate of knots

  • Fucking hell, I hope you can work something out. It is a shame for ticket holders.

    I think because it has all pretty much happened over Instagram a lot of people have no idea about it unless you're in the Industry or on the fringes like I am.

  • Completely understand why it’s happening and back the breweries withdrawing their support for the event but do feel a bit blindsided as a ticket holder.

    I’m sure we won’t be refunded so at this point so it’s going to feel like an expensive trip avoiding it. We’re going with industry people who this was also news to (can’t imagine they’ll be stocking much more Mikkeller any time soon!) so will probably just spend the weekend visiting other beer places. Quite frustrating that the company has a hand in almost all of those too though!

  • Good luck with the refund, sounds like you might have a case if they don’t deliver what was promised.

    Lidl are having their own beer fest this week, some decent choices there but I was on foot so had to travel light.

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  • Meanwhile at the Pembury Tavern they’re on the second barrel. It’s quite malty and has a definite bitter chocolate aftertaste, but not quite the heavyweight I was expecting, as it’s still only 5.5%. It’s worth the trip.

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  • I just had their Railway Porter, very nice.

    Also had Kernel Golden Belgian Pale, differently very nice.

  • I’ve still not forgiven Five Points for changing the recipe of their IPA, which was, up to the point that they fucked with it, my beer of choice.

  • XPA and Jupa though. Consistent bangers.

  • Shame about the Mikkeller stuff.

    Not really a sour/fruit drinker, but Howling Hops' Super Chuck is great. Dunno why I don't go down there to c+c more often when it's only 10 minutes by bike

  • Announcement coming today on the festival & refunds etc. Will see what they say

  • Lidl beer Fest stouts were a mixed bag, Vanilla stout is terrible, thin watery, very disappointing. Oatmeal stout was OK, nothing special but perfectly drinkable. Imperial stout is a bit of an odd one, it's quite easy for a 10%er, but doesn't have much going on.

  • please explain /paulinehanson

    Wut? WTF is Pauline?

  • Imperial stout is a bit of an odd one, it's quite easy for a 10%er, but doesn't have much going on.

    Easy to increase ABV cheaply, just add sugar. Mouthfeel is all about grain and mash time.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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