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  • When you were 18-20 years old and Speed was cheap then sleep was optional.

  • That was my Snakebite in the day.

    Blackcurrant shot if you felt fancy.

    Known as a purple nasty in my days. Standard student drink at Loughborough Uni when I was there.

  • (drools...)

  • Roaster Coaster

  • Turn Up The Night

  • Getting into Autumn mode

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  • That looks like a good weekend in.

  • Cloud water x Rock Leopard - Step Up stout is delish. I think I’ll skip their ales from now on and just look out for their dark beers which have all been excellent. Bring back Parkin!

  • Vocation Triple Vision (TIPA)
    Quite fruity, fairly hoppy, noticeably strong alcohol.
    Good to try, wouldn't bother seeking it out again

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  • UK needs more 1 litre cans. Happy Oktoberfest.

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  • Budvar reserve 7.5% matured for 200 days. Wow.

  • Wut? Where did that come from?

  • A new bottle shop in Lee Green that is DEFINITELY NOT A FRONT FOR ANYTHING ELSE.

  • Spurious lager outlet?

  • No, super premium everything but stacking about £5000 of cans directly against the window of the shop or on the floor and none at all in the fridge does not scream legit.

  • Only ever seem to find them in lidl 🤷♂️

  • Later school run this morning.

  • On holiday around a few places in the UK at the moment. First stop was Marlborough and I was very excited about the amount of cask ale on offer from some of the local breweries. Was very much a fan of all the offerings from Ramsbury. In York now and stopped off at the extremely impressively stocked Trembling Madness to pick up some cans tonight, four walls of beer made it tricky to work out what to get. Was tempted by a caramel fudge stout with tequila but at 11% didn’t think I was quite in the mood. Started with the Travelling Taxi from Brew York, nice, definitely fruity. Had been down to their brewery yesterday and had a nice APA as well, they have quite a range of styles so would recommend picking one up if they do something in the style you normally like.

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  • Picked up a load of beer on my way back from France, mostly Belgians but a few locals too. This is very caramel/toffee and not much bitterness . Probably wouldn't have more than a couple in a session though as it's a touch on the sweet side for me.

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  • Did you go upstairs?

    There are an awful lot of good pubs in York. Even the train station has a beautiful Victorian pub that you walk straight in from the platform.

  • Innis & Gunn, bloody tasty.

    It is surprisingly drinkable, reckon I could get stuck into a few of these and be in a right old state.

    Am drinking it chilled (as recommended on the bottle) but think it might be good less cold.

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  • I didn’t but would be interested to if I go back. Was just picking up some cans to take back to the hotel. I did like Brew York but didn’t get to too many pubs either unfortunately. Did like the look of the one you mention at the station but didn’t have time to pop in.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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