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  • Went to a pals for a barbecue, took a few Innes & Gunn, failed to realise they are knocking on 7%, now home and drunker than intended, proved by Dominos being delivered.

  • Campsite looked good too, a mix of camper vans and tents, it's a nice small site, we are going to go back and camp in the summer, I just booked the cottage as a suprise this time.

    They had a good selection on keg of their own beers and loads of bottles etc, decent selection of other stuff too, although I've only really been drinking Olivers Shazam and the Little Earth beers.

  • Bank Holi-deya

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  • Thanks, sounds excellent. Also planning a ride and camp trip out to the Duration brewery in the West Norfolk as well at some time.

  • This is a strange one, it tastes like you think it would by looking at the can but maybe that’s just my mind playing tricks

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  • I have a couple of imperial stouts* I am looking forward to trying, reckon todays dip in the weather qualifies as Stout Season beginning?

    *Innis & Gunn Vanishing Point 4, and the recent Vocation barrel aged Vanilla and Maple, respectively

  • I was literally just thinking the same thing as I looked out the window at the rain.

  • No weather dip up here in the grim north... just picked up a couple of these for reasonable o'clock (aka as soon as they're cold)

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  • This was fairly tasty

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  • Visited the LHG brewpub in Bristol yesterday on the way through and it’s well worth a trip. Great space, excellent beer & really good vegan pizza

    Off to the Deya taproom later today

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  • When did this happen?

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  • 15% & 18.1% ouch. Keepers.

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  • Saw on the gram, very jel

  • Had one of the versions of this last Christmas, incredible stuff

  • Deya in the sunshine

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  • Good to hear!

    Deya tap looks good btw

  • In other news Northern Monk stuff has appeared in my local co-op. Yay.

  • Couple of months ago? I thought they were still brewing the OG version and the lower-strength one was only for supermarkets, but it seems to have gone from the Brewdog website as well.

  • Moor tap room in Bristol is good, maybe for your next visit. Pretty close the station.

  • Today I discovered the Boat Lane micro brewery near Evesham, Worcestershire.

    Great cycling around there and good coffee at The Espresso Barn is close.

    I highly recommend the Offenham Orange and Icebreaker (raspberry chic-ice stout).

  • Would drink again. Sherbety and rhubarby (and raspberry)

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  • No real surprises that BrewDog are a trash company, but BrewDog are a trash company

  • proved by Dominos being delivered.


  • What is ?

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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