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  • Saw on Twitter earlier that so far Flavoured Malt Beverages (inc. Hard Seltzer’s) have outsold Craft Beer so far in 2021, mental

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  • You want the hippy-sized 3L version then.

  • I assume your bottle cages can carry a couple of those?

  • Why do you think I use a full frame bag and bladder setup now? :)

  • The Salt x Siren Kviek IPA in Morrisons is delish

  • Well I was a bit bored so I ordered a lucky 6 pack from the newly opened Beer + Burger in Walthamstow... where to start?

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  • Give Gravity Well a go if you haven't already.

    Loads of beers on tap, everyone a hit. I'm lucky to have it between me and a Sainsbury's Local, so we quite often run out of milk / bread at around 4pm

  • Scroll up a bit ;-)

    I messaged them this week about DJ'ing too - it's not something they've considered but will see if it's what the people want. Next time you're in, you should ask them if they've thought about any early 90s chilled jungle... or something.

  • Yeah will do. I chat the bar manager quite a bit, seeing as I see him every other day.

    We are keen on getting a keg of galaxies apart for a garden party too. Not sure anyone would remember it the next morning though

    Give me a shout if you pop down there again, I'm literally five mins walk away

  • I deffo will.

    What ABV is that? I could only bring myself to get the session one. Some of them looked lethal as.

  • I think Galaxies is 6%? The cans of sour are nice as well, if you like that sort of thing. I've not had many (any?) beers there I didn't like.

    I take my kids one at a time, one a day, in turns and the walk home after necking 2/3rds of a pint of 8% IPA in a few minutes is great fun. For me anyway

  • These both looked interesting...

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  • Picked up from Sainso
    Fairly standard dessert stout, TBH.
    Not dissimilar to Layer Cake or other Neapolitan stouts.

  • What’s left of a wheat beer made from food waste, very very good and hopefully hitting the shelves later this year. More details to follow.

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  • ^ intriguing.

    Seasons definitely changed here. Only 4 months or so to go until proper Impy Stout Season again.

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  • Finally tried the Tescowater 0.5% colab too this eve, a decent alcofree option.

  • Stayed in one of the cottages at The Whitehorse/Little Earth Project in Edwardstone this weekend, and I can't recommend it enough.

    Great beers, lovely walks nearby and loads of decent lanes for cycling.

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  • We went a few years back and had a great time. Got one of the cottages booked in a few weeks time, can't wait.

  • One from the vaults tonight.

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  • It's been so nice, I think we might come back in autumn as I imagine it would be lovely then with the fire going.

  • Is it cold & dark where you are? Well jealous, enjoy.

  • Stayed in one of the cottages at The Whitehorse/Little Earth Project

    This is a thing? Will investigate!

  • That's good to know. I had a plan last year to cycle down there and camp overnight and have a few beers and then cycle home the next day. Scuppered by covid obviously but still planning to do it this year at some time. The little earth project beers are my favourite.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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