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  • The Cloudwater colab box from Tesco (possibly other supermarkets). Fairly underwhelming, out of the three I've tried only one had any life to it, Queer and Rock Leopard are both almost flat

    Wouldn't bang again

  • I had the petite saison last night. A very nice subtle, understated beer.

  • Stunning

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  • Having a nice time

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  • Lots going on here. Probably should have eaten first.

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  • Seen a 15% stout in Eltham Wines from Wander Beyond and had a look at their Instagram and their lowest ABV seems to start at 10%. Is their stuff any good?­ewing/

  • This is superb, need to get hold of this amburana stuff

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  • We've enjoyed some of their sours. I can't remember if I've had a stout from them or not.

  • Had this last night. Was good but got the distinct impression it would have been nicer a month or so back if I hadn’t forgotten it was at the back of the fridge

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  • Lidl had a few ransoms in the middle
    Grabbed some NEIPA, Oatmeal Stouts and a Bubble Gum Pale Ale.
    The last one was only for research purposes, will report back when I sample

  • Finally had the chance to pop down to the local...

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  • The best Verdant yet as far as I’m concerned. Like a stronger Mary Lou, which has been edged into second place for me. The can design is a masterpiece ‘n all

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  • Sunday session

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  • Absolute stunner that. Where did you get sunshine today?!

  • Decanted and it smells very bubble gummy.
    Get your nose in there and it is a cross between bubblicious and fresh vomit.
    Taste is awful.
    One of the worst beverages I have tasted.
    Lidl have mugged me for £1.59


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  • South Manchester, it is long overdue!

  • Sun? In the north?! My parents lied to me!

  • I’m afraid all the craft cans in the world cannot beat a £5 750ml of Tripel Karmeliet to erase an afternoon

  • Boom!
    I love the big boy Tripel Ks.

  • It was a brief window, back to liquid sunshine now.

    @dubtap - good call, that might well be my next Sunday drinking sorted

  • Sainsbury’s are beginning to stock them as well and I also saw Tripel Citra Duvel in my local. On the downside RIP Old Tom which seems to have been destocked with all the new stuff taking shelf space.

  • I'll be Morrisons bound unless it is in Asda by work. Old Tom gone from coop so I'm guessing it is only gone until the 2021 stamped brew starts hitting the shelves?

  • Asda in Lewisham has a bigger alcopop than beer section

  • That's cos Alcopops taste better, obvs.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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