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  • I know your local- ish to wood st, My mates Clapton Craft are opening a new shop / tap room on Wood st opposite the new post office.

  • Oh nice!

    I still head to Stone Mini Mart in Leytonstone because they’re bloody brilliant but would be nice to have an alternative option

  • I was not a fan of the tiramisu pastry stout.

  • I was a big fan of the tiramisu pastry stout.
    (I did not like the kirsch 11%er)

  • ^ & ^^ I had it last night and found it ok as a strong pudding beer. It had that Lactose thing going on but not to Layer Cake levels.

  • For anyone who usually buys beers from belgium, a mate did an order of 25 330ml bottles and had to pay £78 import on top to give you an idea of the costs involved now.

  • F*cking hell.

    Assume this is Duty, VAT and admin charge on top?

    Customs Christmas party will be a good one this year with the amount of people who won’t pay up... not that I’m saying this is a motivation.

  • Guess this signals the return of the booze cruise once the current unpleasantness is over?

  • Jeez £3 a bottle on top seems excessive

  • Reckon Belgian in the offy will sky rocket in price too?

    This is decent enough for a Tesco special

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  • Yeah I only really started ordering from Belgium because we couldn't go over, guess I'll have to just wait. I did manage to order a crate of Orval from my local bottle shop at the start of the year, I was worried prices were going to rise or supply will diminish.

  • Gifts under £39 are VAT and duty free. 10kg DHL package to London is €34.99 it seems. Is it only a good deal for me if you send me 10 kg Kernel and I send you 10kg Andechser Doppelbock, Mühlen Kölsch, Tegernseer Hell etc?

  • I've got eurostar credit from canx plans last year, dunno if the early doors trains will run this year, used to like doing a lambic day trip & carry loads back :'(

  • I got the Brew by Numbers subscription box last week. Got it with a voucher from Groupon so it was £25 (£19 voucher plus £6 delivery), normally £35.­w-by-numbers
    Not sure if it autoconverts to a monthly subscription but it was good enough that if it doesn't I'll probably sign up anyway.

    6 different beers, 2 of each. 5 were 440ml and 1 was 330ml. Would have liked a bit more stout, the only one was this:

    but some of the IPAs were really good, this one especially (which is £8 on their site)

  • Mühlen Kölsch was excellent with the red lentil dal at lunch earlier today as is the Chouffe Blanche just now.

  • Best before 1/4/2021

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  • Not tried this yet but anyone who names their beer after a Tom Waits lyric is doing good...

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  • Ha, ha.

    Would drink the Seabrook one if it existed. Used to live up the road from the Bratfud factory. You'd wake up knowing what flavour they were making that day.

    (By 'wake up' I mean crawl out of bed noonish obviously).

    Still, Seabrook are best crisps ever.

    Crisp Thread.

  • I'm having a Brewdog Fake Empire, sour hazy IPA.
    Strong grapefruit on the nose.
    Blandy, bland bland when you drink it.
    Not sour, not fruity, pretty disappointing TBH.
    Going to have to have a different beer after to improve my evening.

  • Anyone had the mallow pineapple thing from brewdog? Any good?

  • Bro in law is a big fan of brewdog still for some reason... liked the mallow pineapple thing although my sister got loads of pineapple but no mallow... wouldn’t bother if I were you, all they brew is mediocre BS imho

  • I got the vanilla and it wasn't welcome.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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