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  • I did, and stayed awake for K-B-K too!

    Had the NBB 10% cinder toffee stout which was a boozy beast but enjoyable with it. Wiper & True x Deya Plan Q collab was was the highlight of my Sunday sesh

  • Gotta start early to get your 5 a day.

  • Great can design

  • Hah. Beer52 got the wrong end of the stick and are sending me a “replacement” box of beer 🤷♂️

  • Vocation seem to be targeting me, stouts aplenty on their site.
    Put an order in for a few random single cans, (Imperial Kirsh (that I couldn't find over xmas), Russian Imperial, Affogato, plus a few others)
    Also signing up to their mailing list gives you a code for a free can of Life&Death, not my 1st choice, but free beer is free beer.


    Goose Island x Cadburys, Creme Egg stout.
    If I see one in the supermarchet I would probably buy, but fiver a can seems a little steep.
    especially as it's basically a soft drink (4.5%abv)

  • Tonight’s stout, can taste the berries but not the waffle, it’s a bit meh overall

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  • Easy drinking 4.5%er. Tasty.

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  • Snap! I'm having one of those too.
    I quite like them though.
    Agree it's more fruit than waffle though.

  • Picked these up in Sainsburys, looking forward to the Siren later.....

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  • I noticed they had swapped some stuff in and discontinued others. Seem to have farmed this out to Beer Hawk rather than have their own buyer like Tesco and Morrisons

  • Used to be really up for crazy ipa’s , dipa, big flavour and alcohol content , but recently just been enjoying traditional lagers Helles style particularly.

    Augustiner favourite atm

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  • With you on this tip - also find I enjoy a more interesting dipa or whatever more if I’ve had a pilsner/lager. The Deya tappy pils is worth a go as a good U.K. Indy brewer

  • That explains the prices ! Cheapest of those 3 was £3:20 .

  • It's pretty half hearted; domobeers on Instagram is previewing Tesco new range and they have Buxton X Omnipollo doing exclusive stuff for them

  • Same here. These guys are great. Ordered multiple times now. Very quick delivery:­helles-box

    Today’s arrival. Redchurch Paradise Pale, Stratford Pilsner and Shoreditch Blonde.

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  • Tonight's beer, it's like a chocolate milkshake, delicious.

  • Another big night in

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  • Moved onto a Golden Stout.
    Very odd, has a cake-y taste, but also citrus. Hard to describe.
    Rather pleasant, if I was in a pub I'd have a 2nd pint, alas only the 1 can

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  • This tastes like delicious cinder toffee

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  • 2 out of the 3 I posted ain't bad. Dr Todd will have to wait until tomorrow...

    That Ruby Mild ^ sounds nice.

  • Vocation (and friends) extra special bitter.

    TBH, it tastes like an IPA, quite hoppy (although, is this common for a bitter?)
    I'm underwhelmed.

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Ale, Beer, Stout appreciation

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