Bristol specific blog and forum:

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  • ..a friend of mine has created:

    Feedback encouraged, have a look, it will grow so have your say and please do join up.

  • joined as hialex.
    i like it, especially the blog as it (if it stays updated) will keep me up to date with whats going down! way more more useful having a bristol specific classifieds too.

    good work.

  • Nice one! good to see more Bristol-based stuff, sweet!

  • I've joined too! Still waiting for my password though... must be my work email filter! Booo!

  • it goes into your junk folder.

  • looks good, i registered as likemike

  • Registered as AdotK. Good work, lets spread the word and get things rolling!

  • Registered as Fredd.
    nice one.

  • 'track dropouts' don't exist.

    They are called 'track ends'

    Epic fail.

  • Glad it exists though. I'm registered.

  • awww don't leave lfgss though!

  • Was thinking about starting one myself, glad someone else did though, I already have another forum to look after!

  • oh yeah this one.


  • Nah, actually!

  • Are you finding a few Bristol bmxers taking to fixed?

    That new Charge Scissor has basically completed the evolution to a 700c bmx. They've go to be interested.

  • It seems the kids that weren't fully into bmx, but just had one for the sake of it are now getting into fixed, more of a fasion thing more than anything I think. The real bristol BMXers are still BMX only!
    I ride my 24" street bike just as much as my fixed, always will do, love them both!
    The Charge Scissor, hmm.... Nick Larsen used to tell me to stop riding BMX stuff on 24" wheels & just go ride BMX as there's no point trying to copy BMX, but now he's gone & bought a 700c BMX frame out! Crazy!

  • Nice, thanks for putting that one up davidjohnclapp! Hope nobody minds a little plug for !!!! Come and take a look!

  • why the need for another forum, lfgss keeps it all in one place surely?

  • why the need for another forum, lfgss keeps it all in one place surely?

    Maybe people aren't feeling London? Fair enough if they're not based in London.

    I'm strongly in favour of great local communities, and I'm more than happy to support anyone who wants to create one off of LFGSS if it helps to make it a stronger and better community for the people there.

    Track Drop Outs is doing well, and should be supported. Ultimately this doesn't stop people being members of multiple forums and still chiming in here with mechanic advice, or to flog things on the classifieds... but if TDO is helping get people out on their bikes in Bristol then everyone should support that.

    And if a place doesn't have someone willing to do the admin work and stuff, then piggy backing on LFGSS is just fine too.

    It's cool either way. Let people do what's best for them.

  • also, if you are searching for a bristol fixed gear forum and tdo didnt exist, it'd be easy to miss this little sub forum. you are welcome to join TDO even if you arent in the bris by the way. plus, to be honest, even before TDO was up and running we didnt get much action on here anyhow. so i reckon its all good. personally i spend more time on the LFGSS than TDO cos there are more people, the threads are more fun and there is a great wealth of knowledge and nonsense here in fairly equal parts. serious discussions can be had and fun too. way more than the bristol forum in my opinion. probably in part due to the fact that the folks on the london forum have been active cyclists for longer and so the interests and conversations get more diverse. there are some real characters that you just get used to having around on here. im not in any way knocking TDO, its great and so are a lot of the people. ive just been a member here for way longer and its more natural to log on here that TDO.

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Bristol specific blog and forum:

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