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  • I've had a premium account for a few years now. It's great. High quality audio options, no ads, offline saving, works abroad. It's almost like "owning"* your music. The weekly recommends playlist is (usually) really fricken good. Zero complaints.

    *It took me years to get over the lack of physical product and be comfortable with streaming but once I had, the realization set in that owning a physical copy of anything doesn't constitute "owning the music" either.

  • cool will look in to the family thing didn't know that existed thanks

  • Is anyone else having a problem with Spotify deleting their offline albums entirely (every downloaded album), or just random songs from downloaded albums? I've been having problems for a few months across various updates to both iOS and Spotify, raised with Spotify customer care and after they said they sorted it, it just carried on. Since that they've promised me "an update soon" a month or so ago, and nothing since.

    It's really frustrating setting off on the commute in the morning to find downloads empty or albums cut down to 4-5 songs.

    Interested to know if it's just me.

  • Can someone confirm this will work?

    Organising my wedding in a small village out in the sticks with little-to no data coverage. I have Spotify Premium,so if I create a wedding reception playlist, can I download the playlist (via Wifi) to play offline from an old iPod touch? My phone doesn't have the capacity...

  • If you can install the app and have Spotify Premium, then there's no reason you shouldn't be able to save the playlist for offline use. Just check that the version of iOS on the Touch supports the current version of Spotify, though older versions of the app may still be available.

  • Best thing is to play your playlist at home while recording it onto a cassette - then you can just pop it in your ghetto blaster.

  • Premium gets a bit sniffy if you have too many devices connected, so maybe log out elsewhere an all

  • Test it by downloading a few songs onto the iPod and seeing if they work in aeroplane more?

  • What is the use of the 'follow' thing on Spotify, for friends etc?

  • Is it me, or is Spotify being super glitchy at the moment?
    Confident it's not my bluetooth cans or wifi.

    • Dropping out
    • Showing offline when connected
    • Freezing and crashing
  • Yes, been like that for a month or two at very least. Android?

  • same, ever since upgrading to android ten

  • Just been rummaging around my phone connection setting as a result of this. Getting a 'No Internet Connection' message yet I can search "spotify no internet connection" and get results.
    Also noticed playback will decide to stop when my phone has been idle with the screen off, but will start again as soon as the screen is activated.

    Galaxy S10 - Android 9

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