Where to buy spokes?

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  • Woody you want single butted for polo.

  • cheers man

  • ACI are the cheapest, remember this will reflect on quality, i would have a few less beers and spend the money on a better spoke with a far better track record.
    Sapim are affordable and strong and widely used by wheel builders.
    DT are top end and probably overstrong for the likes of us - although no problem with that.

  • I guess I'll go for Sapim then, as you say the difference is only a few pints. Don't need to be super strong as they will have wheel covers + dont mind if they bend. don't knwo what they sued on ym last wheel but they lasted me forever, it was the hub that died!

  • Have you tried SJS cycles? Great range of spokes.
    I also got some from roadace but can't see them advertised.

  • where is good to buy 32 spokes (292mm) in London, i need to rebuild a wheel tonight, so sadly the online suggestions are not much help

    evans have double butted black sapims but a pound a pop including nipples

    condor have dt double butted, 30 p each roughly

    am not really too fussed re colour

  • Evans on the cut sold me black double butted sapims for something like 55p each.

  • jokers at chiswick then!

  • eh?

  • Right my hub has arrived and i want to get this thing laced up before the wekeend so i can get up bright and early on Sat morning to true it, anywhere i can get spokes from in London town? I hear Evans at the Cut stock them, is this true?!?!

    For the record i'm after 280mm, silver or black not too fussed...

  • so sorry

    i cant be fucking arsed to google "bike shop london" and give you some cunting phone numbers so you can call and check if they have the right length spokes

  • bike shop
    first letter C followed by ondor

  • they'll stock what you are looking for

  • if you buy them from a shop they will cost a lot more than buying online.

    having said that almost any bike shop with a proper workshop will have stocks of spokes.

    a smaller shop might be more willing to sell them at a fair price so bear that in mind.

  • fwiw london field cycles do them for 40p a pop

  • click "miscellany" then click "shops" for a handy map.

  • ffs

    does any of this need to be explained to him?

  • we are not all as amazing as you DJ
    we all aim to be as classy a human being as yourself but sadly lots of us fall short of your high standards
    we are not worthy

  • wahey a merge.

  • Will give condor a ring, their website, although very pretty, is utter shite.
    Failing that there's an evans at St. Pauls near my office but i won't hold my breath...

  • Can someone give me some spoke choice advice please? 70kg rider replacing a very very old set of open pro ceramics with a new set. Have chosen Hope Pro3 hubs's, have a builder but need to drop everything into his lap & have used up my 40 questions, know lengths to get. Want all black to pimp my ride.

    Country road use not london assault course.

    Q1) Are DT Revolution / Sapim Lasers suitable & which are better? Understand not to use prolock nipples on such because of twisting problems.

    Q2) Advice on differential offside/drive rear spoking. The old weight vs performance chesnut. Present rear was designed to survive couriering, Plaingauge offside alpine triple driveside, and it worked. Want a lightweight version now & intrigued to get advice.


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Where to buy spokes?

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