Powder coating?

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  • anywhere in dublin that does it for a reasonable price? might be getting my hand on an old viking frame that would need doing.

  • PM'd

  • My friend's having his MTB painted by a lad in Halfords, he's doing it after hours like.

  • Fancy posting the advice Erik publicly?

  • alright, just got my hands on said viking. now to start my first fixed build (been on a langster so far). as far as i know it's reynolds 501 and i reckon it looks like about 21". nothing too fancy but it should be fun to build.

  • Nice work!!

    Yeah I'll post that up later, don't have it infront of me now

  • bump

    Anyone know where you can get this done, prices, etc?

  • There's a place on the Naas Rd. just ater the Red Cow, where Heitons is, saw the sign when was driving past the other day...

  • I'll resurrect this thread. I have a couple of frames I'm looking to fix and, assuming they're good to ride, I'd like to get them painted. It'd be nice to get them powder coated.

    I was quoted a price of €180-200 minimum at Tallaght Powder Coating. Looking at discussions around here, that's a mad price to charge and I can't afford that anyway.

    Anywhere else/good/cheaper to go?

  • Dunno, but is that €180-€200 each or together? Because €90-€100 per frame doesn't sound too bad. You'd spend that getting all the materials to do a DIY paint job, I reckon. I'm sure it's cheaper in London, but there's a bigger market for it there, after all.

  • I might actually ask my LBS if they know anybody, or maybe if we could get somewhere to open themselves up to bikes.

  • It would actually be good for the Dublin/Ireland FG community to combine purchasing power and agree to use a particular place (and recommend it to others) in exchange for a good deal. I've seen people charging £40 in the UK. €200 sounds way out, even factoring in currency difference and demand. Welcome to rip-off republic.

  • Have we found a good powdercoaters yet?? How about the guys who did Stevies bike for him?

    My Uncle used to own a powdercoating company and €200 sounds way off, I'm sure they're just trying to charge by the oven rather than by the item... Even at €200 though if we had a bunch of stuff we all wanted done in one colour,white or black or something, that wouldn't be too bad between a few of us but there's go to be cheaper out there...

  • Yeah, c'mon lads!

  • theres a place in waterford,
    40 quid a frame forks and bars (bmx) any colour when me and five mates did it acid dip twenty extra

  • That's a decent price!! Must be somewhere in Dublin though...

  • Yep. Well, I'll put it this way, I have a frame or two I'll want to get sanded, painted, etc. in the next month or two. Right now I'm thinking of going for a cream colour (to go with brown leather, chrome, etc.). So if we can find an oven to share and split the cost, brilliant.

  • ye, i'd throw a frame in too. i couldn't really care less what colour it is either.

  • I'll need something done in white in a while... maybe we ought to start a list...

    I'd love something nice and cream but I don't have a frame to do it on at the moment :(

  • http://www.qualitypowdercoating.ie/direc­tions.html

    I think they quoted me 97 yoyo with clearcoat and stripped but cant remember, boom

  • yeh i'd throw a frame and forks in for white.

  • Well how about we give it a couple of weeks and see if we can get a deal for frame and forks somewhere... I'll be getting the Bomber Pro done when it arrives and I assume the Deathbike is about to become the Stormtrooperbike?

  • Sounds good, but I probably wouldn't be ready in a couple of weeks. Depends how things go.

  • NOOOOO!!! Dont paint the bomber-pro!

  • She wants it white... I think it will actually be really nice in White with pink decals colour matched to the Pink Frower Kashimax and Black or White grips...

    Besides... there are a few chips on it and I'll be getting the decals remade exactly the same but in a different colour ;)

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Powder coating?

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