Tunnel of doom Liverpool

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  • i might sew this in 3m thread on the back of a hoodie
    just for a laugh

  • Is ToD a drag race or individual time trial??

  • ^^ That's awesome! :]

  • haha thats a beast that!
    and its an individual time trial
    still not stone on the intervals i dont think

  • 2 minutes between each rider

  • Anyone whose not been last sunday check the blog
    The vid will give you an idea of the rampage!
    Disrail: its a tt mate! 2 min intervals outside the hotel by the Birkenhead entry.
    Millhouse watched it n said he pooped! ha!
    As chickin says, its 2 mins apart outside the hotel by the Birkenhead entry.
    Richie and I got the prizes yesterday and we're fuckin stoked so that said...

  • i've just sussed that that photo on the can't go slo is at The Pilgrim! my favourite pub in world, i used to live opposite. i'm definitely up for riding with you guys sometime soon.

  • looks fun that lad!

  • wish i could do it but im working how gay is that?

  • If you want it
    Come and get it
    Crying out loud
    The love that I was
    Giving you was
    Never in doubt
    Let go your heart
    Let go your head
    And feel it now

    Babylon, Babylon ...................

    How David Gray is that?

  • Aww, man! Wish I could be doing this, just really really can't do Sunday afternoon.


  • just put the pics of the training sesh up on my flickr! check it through ride it blog!
    new ride it sunday emblem/spokecard out sunday so alex can stop botherin me! ha!

  • am really pissed off with myself, too much beer last night and i woke up at 1, was really lookin forward to it too!

  • Using a pelican crossing as the start was unique and fun. Everyone went in and everyone came out in one piece.
    Good day.

  • Hi guys, just registered. That was a great day, really enjoyed myself. Anybody got my time? I had to leave early to get some w*rk done...

  • good laugh today i didnt even run it just satoff getting pissed on the other end
    i did it last weekend soatleast ivedoomedmyself once

  • Coolasfuk but my time wasnot that good. Gear was too big 90" 48/14. Can't wait for next event. Great turn out. By the way I am FiXXXie Wheelz John.

  • Hope you guys had a sweet one. I know I said I'd go but revision and getting up really late (like 3pm) got the better of me. Sad times.

    See the Manchester team for tricks/polo some time soon.

  • I was driving through the tunnel going the other way! Looked cool as fuck, lads.

  • sounds like it was great but waaaay too wrecked friday and saturday night to even contemplate riding on sunday, great idea though, ill make more of an effort if its done again

  • Thanks to Richie, Liam and Chickin for this....it was "boss"

    Very hungover :(

  • Last place moustache.
    My mum was proud of me though.
    Cheers for the teesh and the 3 pints my money got me.
    Looking forward to the pictures and such.
    Nice one to everyone for being social too, met loadsa good people like, hopefully see you at a future gig!

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Tunnel of doom Liverpool

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