Which Groupset?

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  • Did you send the right link?

  • Yes. It's the Di2 thread.

  • Why?

    He asked a question about Di2 compatibility and there's a lot of information in that thread that might give him the answer.

  • I don't think @nauls was asking about Di2?

  • True, he didn't specify mechanical or electric.

  • @nauls if you are indeed talking mechanical, I don't think it will work. They have a different pull ratio.
    I've never experimented my self though so don't know if it could produce something useable for just one ride. Quite a long ride though.

  • If mechanical then the pull ratio will be different - it will rub in one or both rings depending how you set it up but for one ride it might be ok.

  • I reckon it'll be fine with a bit of fettling, trim might be a bit shit. If it's one of the newer design front mechs then there's a specific way to set them up based on the shifter trim position and aligning some lines on the mech, that might not work as designed but getting it going up and down between 2 rings is pretty easy to make work to a reasonable degree.

  • All new DA shifter still have connectors for wired connections. These can be used for satellite shifters or making the system wired for increased batterylife.

  • I wonder if it's the bar-end junction that's the issue.

    This is why, even though I like the cleaner look, I never got one because it'd be a pain to charge on the move with it.

  • That's cool of them. So you could trash a shifter and replace with one of the newer ones without worry that it's not gonna work with R80 series stuff.

  • It is using the new smaller SD30 connectors rather than the classic SD50 ones though, so you'd need to have an inline adaptor.

  • I see. Does such an adapter exist?

  • Indeed it does.

    They've been switching over the ebike STEPS lines to the new connector ahead of this latest road groupset announcement.

  • Sweet, so if I trash a shifter I can buy a 12spd one and a cable adapter and continue to use the rest of my 11spd stuff.

  • I mean, in theory. But - Shimano.

  • Yeah, but they've been pretty good of late, no? I mean, I'm using MTB cassette on my road bike and gravel shifters with road derailers and MTB cassettes on the grav so a lot of stuff seems to still work. If they firmware disable stuff that does work though, that will piss me off.

  • Not sure about R80xx compatibility, if so it'll probably take a few months before a firmware update for backwards compatibility will be available.

    When R80xx launched with some new stuff like synchroshift it took 5 months before firmware was available for compatibility with 68xx stuff.

  • Yeah, I'm in no rush. If I did kill a lever I've still got my old R785s or whatever they were sitting around.

  • True, unofficial compatibility seems to be better these days. I'm running a 12sp XTR chain on an 11sp drivetrain for example. I can definitely see them firmware disabling things though. Similar to how they firmware disabled the use of an 11sp di2 rear mech with a 10sp system.

  • Similar to how they firmware disabled the use of an 11sp di2 rear mech with a 10sp system.

    Not that I have this setup but this is why I never bothered updating firmware. I was worried my bastardised setup would stop working (and also, with a closed system, if it ain't broke...)

  • Similar to how they firmware disabled the use of an 11sp di2 rear mech with a 10sp system.

    That's only with the 6770 FD, you can still use a 6870 RD+FD with 6770 shifters. Main reason for that is the lack of system capacity in 6770 FDs for new features like synchroshift.

  • 12 speed Di2 launch is funny. Click the big "12 speed Di2 launches" banner on the distro website, then look at the expected arrival dates. If I ordered it now I could get a 1400mm cable tomorrow, a charger cable in November, some rotors to celebrate the new year and the rest in August and December 2022. Dura ace is the same, I get that parts are hard to get but it hardly seems like a launch if you can't buy it unless it's on a bike, and if you do that you can't get replacements for anything if you wear it out or break something.

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Which Groupset?

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