Which Groupset?

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  • I don't understand why they need all the other parts like shifters (I need to read more). What would be cool for people like me that don't give a shit about weight would be the steel cassette and chain with the funky teeth. So I could get a load more life out of my gravel/mtb bikes without worrying about having to spend £2000 on a fucking cassette when this one dies.

  • Totally on the same page with you on this. (Is that a first?)

    They should have 2 top tier groupsets, light and blingy, then a bombproof one, same as the top ones in tech, but made of crazy hardened tooling steel (maybe tempered enough so that it doesn't shatter), I would happily pay the premium cost for durability.

  • They are incentivised to not make stuff bombproof.

  • With people judging how good a bike is by picking it up and going "wow, that's light", they're incentivised to make stuff lighter instead of more durable.

    That's perhaps where aftermarket manufacturers could step in. I've swapped out cheese freehub bodies for steel ones and alu chainrings for steel aftermarket ones. Perhaps someone could do the same with a cassette.

  • Cheap. Light. Strong.

    Pick one?

  • Planned obsolescence, I'd fit Shimano (*more recent) groupsets between Window Vista and the first Iphone.

  • Campag wears in, Shimano wears out, SRAM breaks.

  • wont linkglide just replace hyperglide at some point?

    Its a great idea, Sram is just going vertical in gravel bro market, campag is .. well; campag.
    This is good stuff; more OEM spec rather than retail.

    Also new Cargo motor!

  • wont linkglide just replace hyperglide at some point?

    Not sure what the weight difference is, but Pros will always want the lighter stuff since they are not paying for it

  • Rohloff speedhub?

  • Amateur racers want lighter* stuff even if we are paying for it


  • I want fast stuff on my race bike, not on my 'couldn't give a fuck bike'.

    I'm sure there are far more 'couldn't give a fuck' bikes out there than race bikes.

  • I've led a sheltered life. Can you point me to a source of sliced, dry carrots?

  • Nodders don't need gears.

    Seriously though, completely agree.

  • The soundtrack to that video sounds like the into music to a new Speed sequel.
    It's just bike gears guys

  • Campag wears in, Shimano wears out, SRAM breaks.

    SRAM always had full steel cassettes, and lighter.

  • I'm more impressed by the animation than the technology.

  • And helpfully they play well with Shimano gears, so you can have the best of both worlds...

  • Has anyone got a GRX 600 2x11 170mm crankset they want to part with? Can only find 172.5mm

  • There might be a new one at work, I'll check tomorrow.

  • Actually, I think it's 1x, but will check anyway.

  • They play... ok.
    And they're noisy.

    I've found Shimano cassettes to be better and less noisy and shift better with Sram etap than the Sram cassettes.

  • Maybe it's a bit of a lottery - I ran a SRAM cassette (force level) with 6800 di2 for ages and it was perfect

  • They play... ok.
    And they're noisy.

    My experience too. I went back to Shimano cassettes, except for 11 speed 11-36 which Shimano don't do.

  • Force level is quieter, the cool milled from single block of steel construction of the red cassettes makes them particularly noisy, but durable and very light.

    They shift fine, just not di2 or mechanical Duraace fine.

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Which Groupset?

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