Which Groupset?

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  • Yeah, it's MAMIL kit as I said above. PMs are now required for TR and Zwift and stuff if you want to race properly so I can see that as a growing market.

  • Maybe the sram is designed for turbo bikes, weight not an issue and drivetrain wear is reduced.

  • It's not like chain slap is a thing on the road whereas speed generally is

    Because brands have realised that cramming more gimmicks into stuff sells, gone are the days of minimalistic and lightweight. And gravel too, everything is a gravel bike now.

  • If you pin a number on to ride around RP what happens? Is that like a falling cat with a piece of buttered toast tied to its back?

  • If a MAMIL does an RP lap and the power wasn't recorded, does it count as a ride?

  • Obviously not. There are rules.

  • If I lose power on my rides I go out and do them again.

  • I have none to lose. Me having a power meter is like me having a wealth adviser.

  • I meant from a retailer like Wiggle!
    Sub £300 for 105...

  • Like me and skill. Maybe we could trade?

  • Ah yeah, when I cast my mind back, I bought my first road groupset from Planet X - £260 for a full 105 5800 groupset. Times have changed!

  • I don’t think the OEM groupset sales at that price were that healthy for the industry at the time though!

  • Is this Stronglight chainring compatible with my SRAM Force 10-speed compact 110 BCD chainset, with an 11-speed chain?

    I'm upgrading my shifters, mechs, cassette and chain from Force 10-speed to Force 22 but keeping the chainset. That'll work, won't it?

  • I can't see any reference to 11 speed and the image shows 9/10 speed written on the chainring. 10 speed rings work with 11speed chains though (inner chain width is the same), there is a small chance that the narrower outside width chain can drop between the rings though

  • Cringe.

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  • Sums up my thinking about disc braked road bikes

  • Barring the crankset, it's 100g heavier than Force. Cycling journalist's expectations for a third tier electronic groupset at that price point...it's almost like they have to find something to criticize.

  • Thanks, I'm chancing it.

  • it's almost like they have to find something to criticize.

    Surely this is their job?

    Beats acting as an extension of companies' marketing departments by mindlessly regurgitating buzzword riddled copy that was handed to them, without offering any critical evaluation in fear of not being sent new shiny products next time around.

  • The electronic internals supposedly are the same, so if the shifting kit is 100g heavier than Force and you have a nice aftermarket crankset, particularly in 1x, becomes a significant £ saving for a small increase in weight.

    Not to say that there are many lighter weight chainsets around for the price.
    Rival crankset is £35 less than 105.

  • I just think they should have focused on where it is a lighter, stiffer, and more compliant groupset.

  • Should we all buy emtb parts then?

  • I like how they talk about modified 3 big cogs. Is the smaller ones that get toast, 32/11 all the way down the roads and cycleways in a full sus eWagon.

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Which Groupset?

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