Which Groupset?

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  • If you’re going off road then you’d want one

    It felt like narrow/wide have a bigger impact than a clutched derailleur in keeping your chain from skipping.

  • thank you all!!

    I'm going to have a think about gearing but sounds like it's doable :)

  • Exactly. I think it’s enough when riding road or gravel

  • Anyone seen a uk seller doing a full 810 grx hydro groupset yet?

  • It's a little bit riskier. I fell off on my face once when my chain slipped off on NW/normal mech. But it's worked fine for 99.9% of the time.

  • Thanks for the heads up but I'm afraid the mech sold this morning.

    While I'm at, you should think more about those lovely wheels... ahem

  • I have a 42t front in my gravel/commuter thing, can do 30mph without spinning out. Get a direct mount one from wolftooth or praxis, they look better, weight less and you don't need new bolts

  • got a cheap new sram 42t off ebay and fitted last night, commuting today it's probably about right, nowhere near spinning out on commute spent most of time in middle of the block

  • Any recommendations for a hollowtech chainset with smaller chainrings than standard compact? My GF's commuter is geared far too high but not sure what options I've got, guess I could put an MTB crankset on there and a smaller chainring (38/40T)?

  • grx.

    This, well priced too;


    Only disadvantage is that there's only 40 and 42t option.

  • GRX double supposedly needs a GRX FD as chainline is different

    CX50 might fit the bill

  • Shimano say you need the correct mech, others will work though in practice.

  • Probably.

  • 2.5 mill for a mechanical front mech should work fine . Not fitted my grx yet to know however.

  • I was about to order Absolute Black 48/32 rings ,
    they look lovely,
    and the 50/34 I run ,
    is often too big for the off road in a mountainous area.
    I though the 100+ price tag was for two rings,
    sadly I am now looking for cheaper ways.
    My Shimano drivetrain is 11 gears,
    32 cassette ,
    Ultrega mid cage rear mech.
    Sram force 10 speed crankset(no hidden bolt)

    I m happy with a double ,
    the GRX above could solve my problems
    immediately , but I d rather just change the chainrings, cassette and chains.

    Would the AB 32 ring work with a Stronglight ring like this one?


  • 36T cassette is cheapest option and gives lower gears than 34->32 does.

    With a shadow cage RD you might be able to go lower (I did, running 42T cassette on a Di2 RD)

  • Ok.
    The spacing with the 32 cassette is so comfy,
    with 5 passes above 1200m /4000 ft baring my valley,
    the 50 11/12/13 are only used chasing car downhill, losing the gearing and the habit would be sensible.
    AB offer was ideal ,
    and I could keep the visualy pleasing 32 at the back,
    the rear mech works perfectly.
    I am sure a 36 cassette will fit.

  • Are there any replacement hoods available for r2000 claris brifters?

  • You reminded me to ask about these for R785 hydro Di2 levers...

    Mine are loose after far too many km.

  • r2000 claris

    Should be exactly the same as all the other levers of that design (5800/4700/etc), but double check.

    2.5 mill for a mechanical front mech should work fine . Not fitted my grx yet to know however.

    On a 6870 Di2 it's at the far end of the adjustment range, meaning no actual adjustment if it were needed.

  • I'm moving from 1x to a triple (with big ring removed) on my surly. Can anyone advise me on what length BB I should be looking for to plop the chainrings in sensible positions?
    This is the chainset:

  • I have a X9 9 speed trigger with 1:1 Actuation and a GX 2.1 10 speed rear dérailleur with Exact Actuation. As far as I can tell from the SRAM homepage they're both 1:1, just using different names for marketing purposes? Will they work together?

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Which Groupset?

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