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  • Ill try lash down if im not wooorkin. Is that the one with the lights and shizz? Do the lads who do tricks at stephens green go down too?

  • cheers,
    but im planning to get one tomorrow, an armadillo
    some little scrots we trying to take my bike on Friday night outside twisted pepper the bouncers chased them off appearantly.
    the asswipes knifed my tire but somehow without puncturing my tube which was weird but now the tire looks like has little hernias from where the tube sticks out in little bubbles.

    Watch out for that, she's sure to go pop fairly easily!

  • Yeah, all the couriers that hang out at stephens green were there last week.
    The place with all the lights:P

  • i'll be down around half five after work

  • What time do folks generally show up at / leave at?

  • Well me and Stein will be heading up after polo so about 2 or later, and then they leave whenever they wish

  • I might head up for an hour or two around then and check it out, I'll be showing up on a nice green fixie (that's a bit bollixed at the moment but it works), feel free to randomly come up to me because I don't know anyone (I think...)

  • Where you out in town maybe an hour or two ago?

    I saw a green bike with nice grip/tapeless drops

  • Nope wasn't me, I have cheap risers with yellow yetis

  • That was good craic, I went up again today to show the theatre to a friend of mine and there was someone up there messing around. Is this "THE" place for fixie tricks now?

  • Must be lol.

  • Tricks Saturday morning? CHQ?

  • I think im working...

  • I think you're working on your hillclimbing. haha I'm just fucking with you.

  • Tricks Saturday morning? CHQ?

    Where's CHQ? May be up for that. Will mostly consist of me practicing using my new clipless pedals:)

  • I think you're working on your hillclimbing. haha I'm just fucking with you.

    Today (maybe tomorrow) was my last day, now the hardst job of all, resting up and eating :P

  • Where's CHQ? May be up for that. Will mostly consist of me practicing using my new clipless pedals:)

    Same place as last time, that's "CHQ" (custom house quay) isn't it? I suppose it'd be better to say CHS (custom house square)

  • Nar that was grand canal square, chq is the other side of the quays.

  • Ah I see! In that case I don't know how I found the place the first time!
    Ok well I meant grand canal square, it's a cool little place

  • this girl is better than you.

    silly rabbits. tricks are for kids.

  • Yeah, I have a cusin from France who used to do this. The bicycle acrobats put all the fixie hipster guys to shame.

    YouTube - lady on bike

    (1min58 is sick!)

    Its actually why I don't get 'tricks' as done by the new fixie riding crowd. BMX or bike acrobatics already do it all and do it all better. So aside from the bike handling, kinda fun element I don't get it. Particularly the 'scene' and the products and the videos of hipster guys doing, what in bike acro or BMX terms, is the most mundane shit.

  • People have fun doing it and if enough people like doing it then others can capitalize on it. Money makes the world go 'round.
    I wanna to learn tricks for the fun of it and for the personal challenge. I also don't look that great in full green Lycra doing the splits while I handstand on a moving bicycle. I think that should I attempt it I would end up in a bloody mess on the ground with ripped clothing and more than likely have bits hanging out! And nobody wants to see that!

  • And nobody wants to see that!

    Does anyone want to see you doing bar spins either?

    I think people should definitely practice tricks, they add to your 'oneness with your bike' and will lead to a more 'zenlike experience' when riding. I just don't get the celebration of such averageness. I love sports and I support emergent sports and low level teams and competitors. But I wouldn't support or understand the celebration of such a thing.

    Now lets enjoy this celebration of mediocrity.


  • @Niceonetom, to be fair man the whole bicycle acrobatics business is incredibly impressive, I love the scene in Quicksilver where they're all doing bicycle acrobatics, but you have to recognise that bicycle acrobatics and where fixed tricks are going now are two different paths, comparable to the difference between street BMX riding and flatland.

    People like Superted, Keo, Tom LaMarche and Ed Wonka (and a whole bunch of guys over in Japan, Macaframa etc.) are pushing a more aggresive style of trick riding with jumps, drops, grinds and other things that just aren't relevant to acrobatic riding. You also have to appreciate that this is a style of riding in it's infancy... watch a movie like Lords of Dogtown and the re-enactments of early skate competitions and a 360 spin was enough to get people going crazy and compare that to how skating is nowadays... This is where fixed tricks are now... they're just starting...

    You need to appreciate that this is the beginning of something and that nay-sayers saying "just ride BMX" or "this is shite compared to acrobatic riding" are only going to have a negative impact on the growth of this and I for one feel that this should be promoted and pushed forward to become something really exciting... Fixed tricks could be big like BMX or skating and that can only bring good things to the sport in the form of sponsorship and money to companies who otherwise are not capable of developing their products as they would like to or at least not without huge pricetags for the finished product...

    Give it a chance and let people enjoy themselves because I reckon they're going to be get to enjoy the beginning of something that's going to be huge... mayeb even give it a try yourself before you knock it...

  • Little defensive there, huh? I'm not really taking the piss or nay-saying - I was just drawing attention to a girl who could kick all of your arses. That's all.

    Now, I might do a little nay-saying. 'Cuase it's friday and I'm bored.

    I'm waaaay to fucking old for hanging around in carparks trying to perfect my mad skillz (yo). Last time I did anything like that I was on rollerblades and I was 11 ffs. Rollerblades were cool at the time. That's how fucking old I am. These days I'm more about trying to go fast and far on a bike. That's my fun.

    I also have doubts about the whole "this is a nascent sport, give it time" line of thinking. None of this is new - the bikes, the tricks, everything is co-opted - so I really doubt that the ceiling for this stuff is that far away. Maybe I'm wrong. Either way what I've seen so far is laughably unimpressive, awkward, inelegant and, worst of all, self-congratulating. Show it to someone who isn't immersed in "fixie culture" (shudder) for an impartial opion on what this shit looks like to them. Un-fucking-impressive. BUt self absorbed enough to be of interest to marketeers - they know a usable fad when they see one.

    These videos (and man are there a lot of videos - does a bianchi pista come with a video camera and a vimeo account or something???) are like bad comedy - if you have to explain a joke, it's not funny. If you have to explain why a trick is impressive... it's not impressive.

    So... hit me with your best shot. Impress me. Show me something that will have me saying "you know what? That Danny Mc Askill guy ain't got shit on these hipsters... they'ze the ones with skillz (yo)".

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