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  • ah the wonders of phones and computers... what an age we live in eh. yes sadly work till 5 and a good chance i'll be bikeless but i'll pop down and meet and greet!

  • Hopefully the weather clears up by then.

  • Sure the way I think of it is if it is wet, all the better for skidding.:P

  • looks like there's gonna be more than three this time
    i got shit to do but hopefully ill be done by 4

  • Nice:P

  • Woo, I can skid in the wet properly:D

  • Sorry lads, don't think I can go today. I'm off school in about two weeks anyway so I'll hopefully go then.

  • Cool, later.

  • want to set a date this week or next week, try get a good few heads down?

  • Im open, and off for the summer now.:D

  • God I wish I wasn't working such mental hours at the moment :(

  • Well if you have, literally any free time just give me a call and I can be down to grand canal in like 15 mins.
    Getting kinda sick of going alone.

  • Mmhmm... work sucks, leave house at 6am, come home at 6pm... eat, sleep start over... :(

  • A little spin at random times can break up the manotony nicely, sucks being in suck a routine that you are just too tired or have too little time to do anything out of the ordinary.

  • I can't go this weekend cause of summer exams next week and needing to start studying, but after Thursday next week I'll be free to go any time.

  • A little late and all but is anyone up for it this today, give me a text we will be going down to grand canal.

  • Got your text earlier man, sorry, I was out like a light, few drinks last night in Shebeen combined with a few more drinks at lunchies while sitting out in the sun left me a bit dehydrated, felt like shite all afternoon, just went to bed for a while :(

  • Mmhmm... work sucks, leave house at 6am, come home at 6pm... eat, sleep start over... :(

    welcome to the rest of your life!

  • this sunday coming at grand canal square... any takers

  • im in.

  • Yeah ill probably go.

  • I should be there

  • i need a new tire first but yeah im in.
    ill pass it on to dennis

  • I have an old tire if need be:P
    Im getting you back on the bike, even if you break something else haha.

  • cheers,
    but im planning to get one tomorrow, an armadillo
    some little scrots we trying to take my bike on Friday night outside twisted pepper the bouncers chased them off appearantly.
    the asswipes knifed my tire but somehow without puncturing my tube which was weird but now the tire looks like has little hernias from where the tube sticks out in little bubbles.

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Dublin TrixieDix

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