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  • Just a suggestion... anyone interested in learning some tricks or teaching?? I wouldn't mind maybe trying a few myself anyways?

  • I don't know how to do anything but ride, and look cool while doing it :p

  • I don't know how to do anything but ride, and look cool while doing it :p


    That's my favourite trick too :D

    Could be fun to learn a couple of tricks though, I know the Couriers are mad into it on the corner of Stephens Green (Baggot Street side) but it might be nice to have something for the more retarded Fixed gear rider in Dublin (me)

  • Pheee-ew, thought I was gonna be lagging way behind here! All I can do is ride the thing, and a couple of awkward looking trackstands.

  • I can trackstand and do a half backward circle then fall over. That's a great trick.
    I can hop up and down kerbs but I dunno if you'd call that a trick..

  • Bah why trackstand when you can put a foot down and pose :)

  • So people can look at you and go "ooooh, ahhhh, how'd he be doing them skillz?!, howd he balancing like a pink flamingo on wun lheg?!".

  • I never actually take my feet out of my cages on my commute. Its much easier to just trackstand. I can just about do a backwards circle, I can trackstand, take my right foot over the crossbar and through the triangle and continue to trackstand and back again. I can do the trackstand with one leg controlling the front wheel. I can do a 180 skid. I can do a leg over the handlebars skid.I can bunnyhop... not much but its something.... The docklands wouldnt be a bad place to host it, not too busy in the evenings, large flat areas... centeral and good ground surfaces..

  • Dublin.

  • Ahahahaha, riding fixed like three months and the king:P

  • Says a lot for the rest of us, lol, Docklands sounds like a plan though!! Definitely quiet and spacious enough!! Probably too minging out, weatherwise, at the moment for it to be good though...

  • Its not actually bad when its wet, some things you cant do but its good to practise skids and the like.
    Just not when its raining...

  • Trix tomorrow or Saturday then???

  • Well I dont work but if I did..... I would probably say saturday... but I dunno.
    Either for me.

  • Yeah Saturday could be good, I'll try and have a recon mission tomorrow and find us good spot 'round my neck of the woods in the Docklands ;) Who's up for coming?

  • -Stein

  • -Stein

  • might do, dont finish work til 5 though, reckon ull still be there?

  • Yeah I'd say so...hopefully I'll be able to find somewhere with decent lighting... I'll go for a scope this evening and I'll post afterwards then so we'll know for tomorrow

  • kewl, hopefully ill have my bike back by then

  • Sounds good!

    So provisionally


  • -Stein

    Had a scope earlier and I reckon CHQ or IFSC would be best... not sure what they're like regarding security though... any other suggestions??

  • I'm in NY so am out this week

  • I'll be practicing, gigging tonight..

  • Right so I've got two mates who might be interested too, so are we deciding on a place?? Somewhere with a roof might be good after having a look out the window just now... also what time do we want to do it??

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Dublin TrixieDix

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