Bike racks for hatchback cars

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  • Anybody got any pearls of wisdom on these? I have a slightly less than usual hatch-shaped back I want to carry bikes on... I haven't any idea whether there's one out there that fits my audi A2 ...

    Has anyone bought one they think is: great, crap, has a good compatibility with lots of shapes of car, or bad compatibility?

    Many thanks for any expericence shared.

  • i have got the cheapest one from halfords and it works fine. but its doesn't allow the boot hatch to be opened whilst bikes + rack are in place. other designs do.

    re compatiblity, they have quite a range of adjustment, but i'd guess your mini whale spoiler may be awkward. lovely car btw, future classic.

  • Draw bar mounted FTW.

  • As far as I can remember the hollywood baja rack is one of the best for fitting the most types of car.­s/baja-trunk-rack.htm

  • Don't think they'd take the weight.

    Sorry Skully, I'm bored at work.
    See you soon

  • What car and does it have a tow hitch?

  • What car and does it have a tow hitch?

    If not get one fitted.

  • Tow hitch mounted are by far the best bet- however I am not sure that a supermini such as the A2 would have provision for one?

    Also being aluminium welding would not be easy.

    Edit: found some info.

    Audi do have a tow hitch kit, you will have to cut the bumper and drill the underside of the car then rivet in place though. Also be aware of electrolytic corrosion between steel and alloy parts.

    part numbers are Towbar 8Z0092155 £260, Electrics ZGB8Z0055203 £70

  • I'm off to france for a couple of weeks in summer, driving down to the south coast with 2 bikes.

    I've found a couple of rack options that seem good, but my car (MK1 Skoda Fabia) doesn't appear to have socket provision for a light bar attachment so that the brake lights / indicators aren't obscured. It looks like I need to have a special socket installed like so. Has any one done this or can recommend a qualified adult that can do it for me?

  • Anyone have one of these racks I could borrow/rent for a week? It’s for a Corsa.

  • Will you send you a PM

  • cough
    I don't suppose anyone has one they'd be willing to lend for next Saturday?


    Yours for a pittance (call it 10?)
    I'm based in Crystal Palace / Gipsy Hill

  • I'm sorted for now, but I might take you up on this (i'll need to sort out shed space). Give me a week or so...

  • yeah, no probs, it isn't going anywhere fast

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Bike racks for hatchback cars

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