Airline Baggage Regulation / Flying with Bikes

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  • You'll be fine.

    You might want to fix a skateboard truck or some sort of wheel to the bottom as when loaded it'll become quite hard to move.

  • Nice one - thanks for the very kind offer but I can't feasibly make it to swindon this weekend! If my bike fits in the box I posted above without the wheels removed presumably no harm in packing/flying it that way?

  • That's a good idea, just got something that looks like it will do the job on amazon! Cheers

  • I'd imagine it would be fine but you may want to measure up and check your airlines oversized baggage policy. Most of them have a limit of about 3m in total dimensions (height + length + depth).

  • I've booked a bike, which is classified as 'sports equipment' with easyjet, there is no stated size limit and a total weight of ~32kg I think. They're used to surfboards so assume I'm fine re the dimensions...

  • For anyone travelling to Heathrow with bikes Zipcar flex let’s you drop off the car at Heathrow Terminal 5. Saved us a good amount of cash compared to Addison Lee and a lot less stress compared to the tube. There’s also a £25 referral deal so it should make your first journey pretty much free.

    The electric VW Golf can fit x2 1450mm x 800mm x 240mm cardboard bike boxes. Back seats down, drivers seat moved a bit forward.

    The VW polo can fit in x1 box in with the back seats down and the drivers seat very far forward. You can fit in an additional bike but it needs to be out the box/in a smaller soft bag.

  • Probably worth cutting it down - some airlines have size restrictions and you might find a large box falls outside these dimensions...

    Beaten to it...the other thing is a longer bike box is harder to man handle.

  • Thanks for this! I'd rather not cut it down if I can avoid it, and no mention on this page of any requirement to do so:­ports-equipment

    Reckon I might risk it...

  • Thai airways.

    Can I take more than one item, if they're all under the 20kg cattle class limit?

    Or, what are they likely to think of a bike box with two wheel boxes taped to the outside or a maybe bike and wheels that aren't in a box at all and just wrapped in a ball of bubble wrap?

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Airline Baggage Regulation / Flying with Bikes

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