Airline Baggage Regulation / Flying with Bikes

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  • I'm sick of the shitty Iberica / Air Nostrum bike box booking shenanigans so I'm thinking of leaving San Sebastian another way, perhaps ferry or perhaps train to Madrid.

    My original flight was San Seb to Madrid to London. Is it possible to train to Madrid and just pick up the second leg of the flight or are they going to stop me, because I didn't board where I'd originally planned to start the journey?

  • I've used Wizz Air a couple of times recently - £30 each way and they've been very good.

  • Gonna take the Kuota to Germany and leave it at a friend’s. Going BA and not gonna pack it up.

  • The second one.
    Unless they’re two separate airplane companies with 2 separate tickets.

  • Thanks. Bugger. Airlines are fucked. I'll have a look at ferry options tonight.

  • I think the bike policy on the ferry from San Sebastian is equally as useless as any airline one. From memory they make it really difficult to pre book a bike...

  • Is there a ferry from San Seb? I was going to ride on to Santander or Bilbao for the connection if I end up doing it.

  • Anyone in Spain that speaks Spanish want to try +34 91389 4357 and see what they are saying?
    When I call and "press 1 for English" I just get Spanish so have no idea what's going on.

  • Sorry meant the Santander or Bilbao ferries, should have been clearer. I looked last year and remember them being really awkward. Stupidly low number of bike spaces and very difficult to pre book

  • Sigh. Always second class citizens we are.
    Actually, if I book a cabin, I should be able to take bike to cabin. I guess they probably stop that because elfansafety.

  • Yeah no ferry I've ever been on has let me take my bike to my cabin. It's a shame about the Spanish ferries as the policy on any UK-France, UK-Holland Ferry is great for bikes.

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Airline Baggage Regulation / Flying with Bikes

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