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  • cool, that'd be great.

    emm... seems like she has taken a liking to it. although it is to be fair, in bits.


  • Yup, see how I got your back man, lol

    awh... your soo nice.


  • don't worry about it, thanks for asking anyway. i'll find something eventually.

  • there was a dublin city council scrap collection in my neighborhood (clontarf) last week thats where i picked up an old lugged frame and that birds bike... im sure you could find out where they have moved onto and beat the travellers to a few old gems.

  • i got one too, raleigh 501 green and black, but then i chucked it out again

  • did it have a baby seat on it????

  • yep

  • i didn't actuaally chuck it out, my mate did. i left it in his house and forgot about it so he left it out. i need to stop taking dump bikes, i already have a nice bike and a pub bike. did you take it?

  • haha i found that abandoned in rathmines and decided it would be a good idea to cycle it all the way to clontarf in the lashing rain at 3 am! i took the front wheel off and dumped it outside my house....small world.

  • frame is broken on it near the back dropouts.

  • ah, i see. that's gas. did seem in pretty bad shape alright. everything was rusted on so i just gave up.

  • where do u live?

  • i live in drumcondra, near the train station. they guy who's house i left the bike in lives on mount prospect something (can't remember if it's road or park or drive or what). i was going to his house when i saw the green yoke.

  • yeh thats my road. whos ur mate?

  • Feck sake, everyone knows everyone!

  • anyone got cheap 700c wheels? i don't need fixed, or care what speed they are just cheap!! they're for my girlfriends bike. finally got a frame

  • I have a set of Fuji track wheels, tore the thread on the lockring but theres a freewheel on the other side 15t iirc

    Front and back with freewheelcog for 50?

  • What year model are they from?

  • how much would it cost to fix??

  • I thought it was 2005 but now after lookign at photos im not so sure

    The bike itself is proper scarlett red red if that helps date it

    I'm open to offers, the wheels have been sitting in the shed, freewheels scare the shit outta me

  • how much would it cost to fix??

    Not sure if this was to me or not,

    It'd be a new hub plus the cost of getting the wheel rebuilt, unless you were happy not skidding to brake and wanted to super tighten a fixed cog onto it

  • Yeah I think the red frame is of the 2005 model, or close at least.

  • if they have silver hubs, rims and spokes then i'd offer 40?

  • maybe more if they have tyres and tubes

  • There black rims, black hubs, silver spokes

    I have a set of almost new Conti tires and a brand spanking new set of tubes you can have for another 40?

    I can drop them all round to Drumcondra too.... If you just want a look first im happy to spin down too

    EDIT: Just took another look at them tires, they're a lot more worn than i thought. so maybe scratch that offer

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Classifieds & Shopping in Dublin

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