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  • Okay, so you have a fixed gear with knog lights, but somehow you're NOT a hipster? I'm confused. haha

  • Yano Tiny that day we did the thing, at that place, those jeans did look...quite skinny ;P

  • Yano Tiny that day we did the thing, at that place, those jeans did look...quite skinny ;P

    One thing I can never be accused of is skinny jeans :) The rest may be fair game, but my thighs are far to chunky to fit into anything remotely slim :)

  • I know I know, its the same with me.

  • Anyone who rides a fixed gear and can get into skinny jeans is a tool. Fact.

    Anyone who wears skinny jeans is already a tool anyway, but that's a separate issue.

  • Jeez guys you're being a little harsh.

    You have to remember, hipsters arent slaves to fashion, they are slaves to function, whether or not thats function as fashion is a separate issue.

    Skinny jeans are the perfect marriage of the streamlining of lycra and the durable riveted denim of workmen's & cattle wrangler's trousers (jeans). Its pretty clear that today's urban enviornment places intense demands on young trend setters.

    Squat/cafes often have poorly apolstered seats, easy to snag or tear your favourite pair of bibs/knickers but not if they are made from ruggid tried and tested heavyweight denim. But what if you are running late for a gallery opening? Fuck the art it'll wait (or can be ignored anyway) but the free plonk? It'll be gone. Thats why you need a track bike, focused for light weight and speed... brEAKS? They are just marketing and just SLOW YOU DOWN when you need speed. And what better way o shave precious seconds off you're coffee shop - studio run than with lycra... which we've already seen can't with stand the brutality of an urban fashionista's life... neh... lycra fitting jeans are the answer.

    I mean duh guys.

    If you are ride a fixie, brEAKless, with an aero helmet and AREN'T wearing skinny jeans you could be loosing 30 seconds a day due to wind resistance. Are you willing to take that chance?

  • You've just sold me on them anyway :)

  • Wanted: 25.4 track Ahead stem. Anything so long as its not too expensive. Also if anyone has silver track drops I'd be interested in them too.

  • 25.4..?
    What bars do you have?
    I was pretty sure that nearly all new bars had a 26 clamp...

  • NJS is all 25.4 anyway... not sure what else?

  • Pah, you and your Njs...

  • Leave poor NJS alone :-)

  • I think most track drops are 25.4. So anyone have a track stem or drops for sale?

  • Ok, planning on having a clearout to put some money towards a new frame plan... don't intend to sell my frame unless someone makes me an excellent offer but here's what's on offer:

    Profile Carbon Forks 1"

    Deda Magic Bars

    Deda Magic Drops

    Sakae Drops

    Specialized Risers w/ WTB grips

    Campagnolo Khamsin Wheels (Gold) w/fixed rear hub (Can't remember brand but will check) + reasonably decent Gatorskins, still have a few miles on them...

    FSA Seatpost, finish polished off

    I'll put up prices later on but just testing the waters first.

  • Can i see pictures of the drops? Also how much are you looking for for them?

  • Which drops are you looking for? The Deda ones are wrapped in Brown Charge tape, almost perfect except for a small rip, the Sakae ones are unwrapped and recently polished... 25euro each... I'll sort out the pictures later on ;)

  • I'd like to see both please. Definitley interested anyway.

  • Pm coming big E.

  • Ok, photo uploader on here is killing me so I've put a folder on my FB for this stuff, the bars are up there and I also have a Shimano 105 Brake Calliper there too

    Both sets of bars are €25

    Stem is €20

    Brake is €15

    I'll try and sort out pics of the rest of the stuff later but most of you know what they look like:

    Forks - €75

    Seatpost - €20
    Specialized Riser Bars - €25

    Sakae Drops - €25
    Deda Drops - €25

    Deda Stem - €20

    Campagnolo Khamsin Wheelset - €120

    (on the off chance)
    Full sus mtb, hydraulic disks. decent enough gears/groupset.

    Preferably something at a new entry level price second hand.

  • I'll ask some friends of mine. Is this for downhill?

  • Trails bordering on downhill I suppose, see im a big fecker and the guys I would be going out with are full sus so I couldnt keep up hardtailing it.

  • What's the budget like lad?

  • They usually have savage deals at sale time in Cycleogical on the old Kona sussers, really good bargains! Half price and all that jazz!

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Classifieds & Shopping in Dublin

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