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  • Sell stuff, buy stuff, trade stuff, give it away or just tell others what you've found on eBay.

  • Good call!!

    Any of you have a large messenger bag that you want to sell?
    Im looking for something in reasonable condition that is quite large, I have the timbuk2 in L but something bigger would be nice.

  • I have a set of wheels going.. One hundred eurodollars for 'em. Good wheels, Mavic CXP 22 rims.

    There they are on my old bike.

  • I might know somone who would be interested in those:P

  • Sure let them know. They're a good start.

  • copy of a chrome bag for 50 squid? Hasnt got metal buckle on the strap just a plastic one, does the job though. Black and grey

  • Wanted:

    Frame/ Bike around 56cm for a mate who wants to build his first fixed... Open to all offers, literally anything you've got that you think would be good or for any price range...

    Cheers lads

  • Olmo Track 59cm

    This sounds nice but too big for me... worth a look if anyone's interested

  • those wheels still available nicholas?

  • Yep, sure are.

  • will you take 70 collected?

  • Will do indeed, mate. Send us a PM.

  • Wanted

    Double gate toe cages(or in the case of Soma quadruple gate)
    Or any single gate ones.

  • I have a pair of mks ones if you fancy 'em, like these -single strap only though, and straps not included. Say a fiver?

  • I think I will take a rain check on the singlestrap ones, but thanks.


    50's - early 80's geared roadbike...

    Planning to cycle Dublin to Greece this summer and want to build up a geared/fixed roadbike to do it on...

    About 56cm
    Downtube Shifters

    Something like a Peugeot or similar would be sweet, not too fussed about condition as long as it's solid (rust-free and dent-free) as I'll probably get it repainted

    Haven't decided on whether I'll be doing it geared or fixed yet but I figure the slightly more relaxed geometry of a roadframe would suit the job better than my Alu trackframe...

    I'll take a look at anything basically...

  • wanted:

    i'm after a cheap rear wheel for a pug conversion. anyone got anything?

  • I've got some geekhouse decals, I got from Marty who makes em. Anyone want them.

    Stein, any interest in the bag?

  • Due to my feckin problematic *(new) *Fuji track I cant afford anything.
    I bought it new(ish) second hand two months old, had to put a spacer in the bb to get the chainline right, then replace the shitty chain to eliminate horrible noise.
    Brought it to my lbs today and now have to replace my hub because the running surface of the bearings on the hub itself is shite and it caused all sorts of problems.
    So if I cant get the warrenty off the guy who I bought it off.....
    **Wanted: **Rear track hub:(

  • Dang. I've had a great time with my Fuji, about a year and a half and I've only needed to replace the tyres. I have a feeling I'll need a new BB soon and a cantilever spring. (Praying I haven't jinxed this).
    Who put your bike together? Those problems should never have existed if it had been constructed properly.


  • Unluckily im broke so I bought it two months or so old, you cant buy them in Ireland anymore so I assume he bought it online, biddle or the like.
    Apparently they throw the bikes together.
    Their lack of due care makes me assume that they wont put it on warrenty plus I didnt buy it myself so I would have to get the guy who I bought it off me to return the hub.:(:(:(
    So anyone got any rear track hubs?

  • Sorry man I'm all out of rear track hubs.


  • I got one in Cycleogical for like €30 or something like that...

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Classifieds & Shopping in Dublin

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