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  • Guys, I've resurrected an aptly-titled thread for anyone who's got a place in the London Marathon this year. If there are any takers I'd like to organise a few Sunday long steadies over the next few months.­ml

  • Thanks, yeah I've seen huge changes both physically and mentally. I've shed over 25lbs in weight, I feel a lot healthier, I've more energy, I actually enjoy running (something I never thought I'd say!) and I guess I'm an all round better person for it.

    20 miles is a good job, what sort of time are you clocking that in?

    Im not really sure. I normally do one marathon length run a month. These normally take me around 4hrs. Normally I do one interval session lasting 30 mins, one middle distance (about 9 miles) and then a longer run 14-18 miles on a Sunday).

    It amazes me still that through consistent training I can comfortably managae distances that not so long ago used to be way out of reach!

    What is your ultimate goal?

  • Man, that's a good mix of distance and interval; I like to mix up a bit of interval with my distance stuff but it's no way near 26 miles. I doth doff my cap to you sir :)

    I've got a big year ahead of me which is my real goal, but I'm looking to get some more solid boxing under my belt, couple of bjj Opens, Tough Guy (I'd be running this years in a couple of weeks but due to other commitments I'm pre booked) and basically just improve on my current position. It's been a tough year both mentally nd physically but I've come through it in one piece so I'm thankful.

    Goals are funny things, once I reach one I'm looking for the next thing; be it cutting weight, running distance, learning new technique, I'm always looking to improve.

    What are your goals for the year?

    Thanks for the testosterone comment Fried Chicken, i'd rather that than a high estrogen level :)

  • Good stuff chug_it.......and you brush'd up well in your smart togs!

    sharkstar - I got rejected from the VLM 2010, but am doing Brighton on the 18th April, so yeah, any long slowish stuff would be great.

    Goals. Just to stay injury free and do another few marathons. And go ride the Pyrenees maybe.
    (Managed to get all the way thru 2009 injury free until 27th December, out for a routine 'easy' 5 miler, last 100m put on a gentle spurt to get time inside 40 mins and TWANG, right calf muscle uncoupled. Bugger. Just goes to show what you get for easing off the miles and resting up a little!).

  • I think i have reached the peak when it comes to running. Im going to attempt to reach 30 miles then im done. I'll continue to run three times a week but quit doing the longer distances. Im going to start focusing on climbing this year, and building the associated strength-to-weight ratio needed to excel at it.

  • I signed up for a half marathon on the 21st of March last night, I've wanted to do one for a while and i need a focus to get me fit for the track season. I feel that 10 weeks may have been a bit rash as I don't like failing at targets I set myself.

    I'm confident i can get through a half marathon but i want to go sub 1.40.

    I've got back into running over the last couple of weeks and have been running 3 times a week since christmas, but only in my lunch break so only have an hour to get to the gym, run and cool down enough to get a suit on and back to the office.

    On Thursday I ran 4.4k in 20 minutes and on friday ran 5k in 23 minutes im fairly fit but I've never run much more than 10k.

    So I'm thinking that i need to work on speed and endurance to reach my goal.

    provisionally for next week my plan is to do one long run, one distance run and 2 sessions of speed work, as well as commuting to work on a bike.

    The long run is going to be next weekend and I'm going to try to run for around 1.5 hours at an easy pace, the Distance work will come from a run home from work, which will be about 8 or 9 miles and the speed work will be around 5k pushing down as close to 20 minutes as I can manage at a consistent fast pace on a treadmill.

    Does this sound like a sensible plan?


  • I think 4 runs a week plus your cycle commute may be a bit much. You need to recover or you'll slowly wear yourself out. From what you have said (not running much more than 10k) then I think endurance is the primary concern and speed should be secondary.

    My method of doing:
    1 interval run (30 minutes 1min fast as you can, 1 min walk)
    1 mid distance (for you around 10km at as comfortable pace)
    1 long distance (perhaps 15km at any pace that gets you the distance) then increase the distance by a km a week?

  • yeah, wouldn't stress too much about speed sessions. use them to break up the training, but 10 weeks just try to work on slowly building up some distance.

  • I've started running regularly over the last few months as part of my rowing crews plans and kickboxing winter training program (and also to avoid cycling in the snow.)
    Really enjoy it and am realising that i can actually run a lot better than i had expected.
    This Sunday I popped out to Harewood house in the outskirts of Leeds of a nice 10k in the snow and had a really good run for the most part until a nagging pain settled into my right knee. Instead of stopping I pushed on to the finish. beyond stupid.
    For the rest of the day I couldn't walk and today is no better and having blown the cartilage in my left knee to pieces a few years ago I'm pretty sure that I've done the same to the other knee now. Last time put me on crutches for 6 months, gave me a healthy painkiller addiction and nearly cost me my PhD. Waiting for Doc's/MRI appointment is going to destroy my mind with worry.

    Feel so stupid! hope I haven't pissed away the last 8 months of solid training progress!

  • Tough Guy (I'd be running this years in a couple of weeks but due to other commitments I'm pre booked)

    Tough Guy rocks. Great fun.

    What are your goals for the year?

    I'm playing rugby again, but after years of running, and cycling, have a lot less body mass than last time I played. Things keep snapping. I'd like to build up my upper body some (keep having to play front row, as we have little experiance on our side), but this goes against other goals (hill climbing on the bike for one).

    As for snow running. I love it. Its a great work out, as the snow offers some resistance. Played 6 v 6 snow rugby on Saturday, in 60cm of snow. It was bloody exhausting.

    Bought some Inov8 312s over christmas. Will be trying them out for the first time tonight. Should be fun.

  • Little update, training is going ok, took on board hobos point about burning out so have done 3 runs a week for the last 2 weeks, 1 fast 5k in the gym so I can control the pace (22 minutes roughly) then last week ran instead of cycling twice, it's about 7 miles just running at a comfortable consistent pace.

    Done the same this week but second commute will be running into work in the morning and last week I didn't ride the other half of my commute and got the train in instead.

    Had really bad stomach pain all the way home tonight I think I ate too much at lunch but in the final mile it went away and I felt great, flew along and ended up knocking 15 minutes off my time from last week.

    Next week I'm going to try doing 2 short fast runs, and 1 run closer to 10 miles.

  • ed, i periodise my training using a 3 week cycle. 2 build up weeks then an easy week. then you can focus building up on each cycle.

  • does anybody know what a good time is for a 50 metre sprint?

  • I'd suggest mid afternoon

  • Just went out for my first run since high school today (any extra training=good).
    It was nice, but it hurt my shins. Am I missing a technique? I feel like I didn't really challenge myself, but also that I couldn't thanks to non-muscle pain.

  • sounds like youre landing a bit too hard... are you street running?

  • I am, perhaps I should try running in a park first. I'm open to ideas of where to run, actually.
    In school I ran on a track.

  • Park would be a good place to start, not really a fan of cross, too much to look out for IMO.

    ...could also be down to your running shoes.

    ...ankle/shin stretches prior to going out might help too.

  • I think a good stretch is called for before next run.

    I got some uber shoes thanks to a customer of ours that works at JD sports. They are fairly sweet, but I might need to break them in.

  • yep... and some socks... if you increase the miles.

  • I was wearing socks...are there special running socks?!?

    Sweet jesus, and I thought bike were tricky.

  • My shins often hurts when I don't properly stretch it before running. I do it like this but on a stair. Or do the old

  • Nhatt, if you've not run for a while then it's best to mix walking and running for at least 6 weeks to allow your body time to adjust. By leaping straight in you increase the risk of injury, which I'm sure you don't want.

  • Just went out for my first run since high school today (any extra training=good).
    It was nice, but it hurt my shins. Am I missing a technique? I feel like I didn't really challenge myself, but also that I couldn't thanks to non-muscle pain.

    If it's your first run in ages it's most likely just a case of muscles needing to adapt.

    Alternatively it may be the case that you're over-striding, try to shorten your strides a bit, doing so will lessen the strain being applied to your anterior tibialis.

    What do you mean by uber-shoes?

  • Well, they are some of reebok's new

    I think a good stretch out before I run next time is called for, plus maybe a gentle twice a week run should be ok to start with.

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