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  • Very well done 👏

  • Anyone doing the Big Half tomorrow? I will be doing well to finish at all. Been so out of the loop with this.

    Has anyone seen what the finisher's shirt looks like? It's been really poor design in the past. The Hackney Half ones much more stylish.

  • Supeshoe maybe. Feedback is that it is very very stiff.

    I'd say super cultural appropriation, to call it Kiprun.... Pretty tasteless.

  • I think kiprun comes from "keep on running" (may be making that up though!)

  • In fairness I think a lot of their running stuff is branded kipster….

  • Supeshoe maybe. Feedback is that it is very very stiff.

    It's also very very ugly 🙂

  • Feedback is that it is very very stiff

    Where'd you read/hear this ? Not seen any reviews yet.

  • French friends' feedback.
    I was told you either need to be a unit or go real quick.

  • Anyone doing the Big Half tomorrow?

    Yep, been going quite well this year with some bests over 5k and 10k so hoped for good things. Had a couple of club mates to help with pacing and managed to keep things nicely consistent.

    1:20:37 and a 5min PB. Definitely pleased with that

  • In fairness I think a lot of their running stuff is branded kipster….

    Kipster is their football brand....I do run in some kipster shorts though so there is a lot of overlap.

  • Oh you're in a completely different league from me, I wheezed around in 1:54. Not doing any training and getting totally fucked up the weekend before at Notting Hill doesnt help.

    The shirt this year is quite nice. I didn't bother with asking for a medal as they used to have those awful stick figures, but the one they had this year looked nice with the rectangle shape. Oh well.

    Glad they finally got someone with decent graphic design skills on board.

  • What trail shoes are people wearing?

    I have Inov-8 Mudclaws, which are great for pure soft trail, but my feet really suffered at the weekend, where there was a lot of hard packed surface and tarmac.

  • 1:20:37 and a 5min PB. Definitely pleased with that

    I saw that on Strava. Great work!

  • Trail Talon for mix including more harder ground.

  • Anyone have experience in managing/getting rid of shin splints.

    I started running about about 2/3 months ago, doing 15/20km a week alongside riding. Week before last I had a holiday in France and did a fair bit of riding uphill and some longer/hillier runs. Started noticing a dull ache on the outside of my shin bone, no more than a 3 or 4/10 for 'pain', more just uncomfortable and noticable all the time (not just during activity).

    Had a week off last week save for gentle spinning on the turbo. Been doing some strength and rehab work from the 'recover' app (included with Strava premium subscription BTW and quite good, worth downloading).

    I will probably take this week off running too and then try and ease in with a couple of 5ks next week but interested to hear of any feedback or tips on this subject as never had this sort of injury before (had my share of others though so can gladly add it to the list!) - annoying as I was starting to feel the runs becoming easier/faster/less of a slog.


  • I had it when training for a marathon years ago. I went to see a physio who did some dry needling and it worked. I think I also walked around on my heels, with toes lifted up, a lot.
    Hope you recover soon!

  • interested to hear of any feedback or tips on this subject

    take it easy, do not keep running why you still have shin splints, and once it's healed build up slowly ("a couple of 5ks" is probably too much when you only started running 2/3 months ago).

  • Work the (probably very sore) muscles with your thumbs or use a percussive massager. Don't apply very painful pressure but regular light work will help to relax them. Maybe check the heel to toe drop in your running shoes is not too high, although it's probably the hills that have got to your shins.

  • I struggled with tight calves after a couple of months of similar mileage. Theragun was the best investment I made in injury prevention. Wish I hadn't waited 9 months to discover it.

  • I built myself a ghetto theragun from a jigsaw and a part off aliexpress which I would recommend. Not as nice as a theragun but I think I only paid about £80 all in.

    This guy does something similar here­C1E

  • I got a renpho (think that’s the brand) - massage gun.. seems great, whole family been using it for well over a year with no issues

  • Also .. I think the shorts dilemma just got solved .. only £210

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  • They'll be sold out by the time anyone searches for them :)

    Satisfy are a very strange brand.

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