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  • Advice sort. I've got a marathon in a few weekends that involves getting wet in the sea and I'm a bit worried about toe / foot chafing.

    I'm thinking of wrapping toes in kinseology tape or waterproof plasters. Is this just going to lead to another problem?

    I thought about carrying extra socks and vaseline for feet, but then the shoes will be wet so the socks will just get wet too?

  • a marathon in a few weekends that involves getting wet in the sea and I'm a bit worried about toe / foot chafing

    I'm not surprised, that sounds horrific! What's the event?

  • I think we need more context!

    Wrapping toes sounds like a recipe for disaster but maybe some of those toe socks could be a solution?

  • Its called (Hu)Man Vs Coast, and it was a replacement for an event cancelled due to COVID a few years back.

    It's standard trail affair, but you have to go in the sea around makers, jump in off some cliffs etc along the way.

    Toe socks is a great shout, I think I might even have some in thr drawer!

  • Sounds…fun! 😝

    Maybe if you’re carrying any kinda pack you could have a spare pair of socks or compress or Vaseline or something as an emergency measure.
    If you’ve toe socks then perfevt

  • I was signed up for the one from Marazion to Penzance last year (which had been osotoined because covid). Had to bail because of injury though.

    I was going to just get wet feet and socks, and hope for the best.

  • I used to tape my feet up for all long distance stuff.

    clean feet, spray with tincture of benzoine, apply hapla band tape.

    takes quite a while to do so I would do the night before. it would stand up to the morning shower (though i'd try to not get it too wet before you have to) and also sodden shoes from running in torrential rain.

    would still be in place happily at end of full weekend at things like spitfire scramble 24 and comes off when you peel it off.

    didn't stop blisters but I could not tell I had them until the tape came off.

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  • I’ve been suffering from overly soft and pampered feet recently after a couple of weeks off running meant all the tough bits of skin on my feet decided they were no longer needed. A bit of kinesio tape has helped to extend the length of pain free runs but didn’t stop blisters…

    Thankfully my feet have decided to htfu again.

  • Looks like @Arducius has finished the Spine Race, an awesome effort!

  • Chapeau!

  • I am planning a probably much needed break from cycling/racing/obsessing about cycle racing.

    Plan is to get a consistent run habit in place with some vague notion that all my cardio fitness will magically overcome different muscle usage and I'll be a fast runner in no time.

    What should I read? How much attention should I pay to the power metrics in my watch? Can I assume all knowledge learnt from careful, measured cycling understanding of my own physiology can be directly translated to principles of periodisation? Can I take rest weeks when every plan Google proffered have none? What's the equivalent of 5w/kg humblebrag?!!

  • Yes, came into KY yesterday afternoon having had the worst and then best time over the Cheviots. Finished alongside Lizzy (2nd place female) to round out the top ten.

    There is a lot to process and I still keep thinking about stuff that happened but I can't remember which leg it was etc. Lack of sleep will do that I guess!

  • I wear 7s, if you still have these I'd definitely be up for giving them a go

  • are you near se26 or is it a post job?

  • Manchester so it's post for me unfortunately

  • Nice one, good running! It was very dry underfoot the whole course which has seen a lot of records broken.

    Hope you enjoyed the run, it's a lovely part of the country you've got on your doorstep!

  • For anyone thinking of doing a big challenge like the Spine, whatever it is, just do it. You will not regret it.

  • I look forward to the longer write-up!

  • Yes it was a great day out and I don't think i could improve much on it. I should visit the rest of the PW now, maybe not in race circumstances though I reckon. I will maybe chip it off in small chunks of fastpacking trips, although doing it in a oner would probably be more time efficient...

  • Doing it in sections would mean you have the opportunity to see all of it in daylight. I think of the four CPs I slept at, only two sleeps were in darkness hours, and one of those CPs I left in the dark too so did plenty of it by torchlight.

  • Yes, daylight defo preferred.

  • What's a good resource for running with power?

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