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  • In case you haven't seen, the GPX files are available now!

    Briefing too, shit getting real.

  • Dark Peak Trail

    Nope but nice part of the world, enjoy!

  • Endure 24 this weekend, anyone else taking part?

    Our team of 5 has become potentially a team of 4 which slightly alters the feel of the whole thing, but looking forward to it nonetheless!

    Also Alphafly 2 has just be released, needed a new pair of alphas so taken a punt on them, which seems risky as I love the alphas but there you go!

  • Trackers have been fired up. I'm not in Edale tonight though, despite what it shows.

    What time you registering on Saturday @Arducius? If you're about before 12 be sure to give me a "do a skid" as we set off.

  • Ha, me neither... Still in Cornwall on holiday. Plenty of carb loading this week and not a lot of running.

    Only just found the registration email and my train gets into Edale about 1345 (I'm in the the 2-4 slot) so that's worked out well.

  • I'll be away before you arrive if all goes to plan. Safe journey & have a good race!

  • Wish I’d made it to fast Friday yesterday - would have been a laugh in that heat. Alas. Having a toddler makes such things tricky.

    I did however wake up extra early this morning and did a 50k. Managed to PR my marathon time at 3:16 and just tagged on an 8k warm down but managed to do it under 4 hours, which is what I was gunning for.

    Also, putting an extra insole in the Alphafly has totally fixed the arch issues I was having with them.
    It’s essentially out to Walthamstow and doing a 10k loop three times and then back.

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  • 50k for funsies!!

  • Good effort! I only caught the final race at FF after doing the Orion fell race.

    They went through 5k in 14.45! Exciting sprint finish as well. Final lap was 62 seconds

  • Omg that’s so fast… It looks like a really fun evening. next time!

  • Endure 24 this weekend, anyone else taking part?

    Not this year, but I've done it twice before. Excellent weekend, the first was the best as I was on a sponsors team, so we got a wristband for all food and drink free! (defo consumed more calories that ran off!). Both times I was in a team of four, and we did the classic 1 lap each during the day, then a double lap over night so everyone can get a few hours kip.

    I was chatting to a team that did triple laps over night. Their thinking was that everyone then gets around 8 hours sleep, so will be faster in the morning, outweighing the tiredness of the evening laps....

  • On the theme of bucket hats a while ago, and now whilst the weather is hot, Vaga have just released their version. Peak looks a little slim to me, same as the Ciele one. Defo not as good as the Hoka one.­at

  • Registration was a lot less involved than I thought it would be, only got kit checked on the red items but they have a good thorough look at everything they do check don't they? Got a little caught out as I hadn't sorted the food I was carrying from the start yet but when I started counting out the vast quantities of bars etc the guy just went ok that's plenty!

    Weight wise my packm is similar to Deadwater last year. Much less food, more poo trowel and clothes.

  • Enjoy!

    I forgot to pack my electrolyte tablets so hung a bit in the middle section and nearly had to deploy said trowel as water only wasn't what i needed then. Happy with 11h45 and 18th place by look of it.

  • Tips on warming up for a 5k please.

    I set of this morning to try and do a fast one (by my standards) and couldn’t get my legs going.

    I’ve run 10k at not that much a slower pace so I assume I need to get my HR up before I start and just suffer a bit like a 20 min FTP test on the bike?

    For ref my max HR is about 187 and threshold HR about 170.

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  • What HRM are you using? If it was optical/wrist based then there's a chance it was just under-reading the entire time.

    If you were pushing it then there's no way your HR was ~40bpm down on normal.

  • Yes - wrist based. Are they that shit? It seems fairly accurate on longer runs ie it hits my max HR.

  • they're not shit but I've found the wrist based ones can sometimes get caught out by movement as you're running (unless the strap is tighter than I'd like). I've gone for Polar OH1+ (now Polar Verity Sense) as an armband HR strap.

    How hard did the effort feel? Your threshold HR is similar to mine, and anywhere around 140bpm for me would be a long slow run/conversational type effort.

    I'd probably plan on a minimum of a couple of km easy warm up, stretching a bit, then some strides (say 4x 20s building pace to almost sprinting).

    Your 10k pace might not be loads slower than your 5k pace though. If it felt like an almost race pace effort then probably the HR under reading

    Give your local parkrun a go at the weekend with a warmup beforehand?

  • It was quite a hard effort. I probably left a bit out there but was pleased when it finished, put it that way.

    I’ll try a different HR strap. My image of running being very simple is starting to fade.

    Give your local parkrun a go at the weekend with a warmup beforehand?

    Cheers- good shout. Our local athletics club runs a 5k but refuses to affiliate with Parkrun lest anyone be encouraged to actually come along 🤷🏼♂️

  • Shorter and faster distance then longer warm up - 10-15mins easy but with some strides thrown in should help

  • Tips on warming up for a 5k please.

    I'd probably plan on a minimum of a couple of km easy warm up, stretching a bit, then some strides (say 4x 20s building pace to almost sprinting).

    ^ this but replace stretching with dynamic stuff (like skipping) in amongst the strides.

  • Endure 24 done.

    Really enjoyed the experience, and keen to do it again, would probably want a team of 5 as it feels as though it would be the sweet spot between a challenge and slightly longer recoveries/sleep!

    We hit our target exactly of 160 miles, 11th small team, our plan of 4 rounds of single laps then one round of double laps to allow a bit more sleep became 5 singles before the doubles as we were about an hour ahead of schedule by nightfall and we felt it would be better to sleep later, the course was great fun, a real mix of trail terrains including a really fun twisty rooty downhill section that was the highlight of each lap for me!

    one of our runners rolled his ankle quite badly on lap one but ever the trooper he got it taped up, and soldiered on but by the time he finished his night runs his opposite knee was in real pain so we scaled back our ambitions, had a break and a team breakfast together and all walked the last lap as a team along with our friend who has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, a fantastic finish to the weekend!

    Oh also £10 head torch was more than enough for 5 min km in the dark, and I wore an old pair of alphaflys throughout, perfect trail running shoe in my opinion!

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  • Any size 7 wearers in here? I've got a pair of white zoom vomero (15 i think). I'm not getting on with. I've worn them for a few runs i've not done mega miles in them. If you can tell me where you live and you want them, i'll post them for free.

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