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  • Bluetooth shoes, what sorcery is this?

  • Gives you all sort of random data, like stride length, avg contact time with the ground and foot strike angle. And some sort of mapping functionality I think. Not that I ever knew what to do with any of those numbers !

  • Do they pair easily?

  • I never had a problem the few times i've used them

  • Yeah. Sorry. Obvious dad joke.

  • Having never heard of them before, now I kind of want a pair... I'm sure I can invent a reason why I deserve them.

  • Having been almost completely trapped in my house for 50+ days, yesterday I went for a run at last! And it turns out that not wearing shoes for 7 weeks and then going out for a run really fucks your feet up, so now I have blood blisters on my soles. Totally worth it.

  • I often hear about pro runners/serious runners who also have asthma. Has anyone else read or seen any articles about how they manage their asthma? I'm under the care a consultant and my asthma is mostly ok apart from flare ups but I'd love to read about how someone who does serious training manages flare ups etc. Or am I chasing something that's not there?

  • In this instance Asthma does not always mean the same thing.
    Often elite sports people have EIA.
    I obviously don't know your medical history, so if you have the above you should be in contact with the right consultant anyhow, if not a frank chat with your consultant might lead to a referral to someone experienced with asthma in athletes, or they may have a side interest in it as well (many do).

  • Nice, thank you!

  • Tinfoil hat theory is that a lot of athletes have ‘asthma’ bc the medication for it can provide them an advantage and not flag doping controls

  • Seems to be going pretty well so far!

  • Can anyone recommend a good marathon plan? I'm running my first marathon at the end of Oct.

    I've been running about 2 years (switched from cycling during lockdowns) and have been slowly building up a base. I'm currently running around 40/50km a week a mix of easy runs one or two tempos/workouts. The longest distance I have ran is a half. I would be aiming for around 3:30

  • Hal Higdon ones are pretty often recommended. Think I followed one for my first/only standalone marathon in 2016­hon-training/

    No need to buy the plans, I think that just syncs things with TraningPeaks. You can just scroll down and see the recommended.

  • Nice one! I had actually downloaded the Run with Hal app awhile ago and forgotten about it. Will fire it back up!

  • I used Hal Higdon do another +1 here

    I’m also using training peaks and have to say it’s really useful. Syncs with calendar and coach can programme all my stuff for me, which just takes a bit of the effort out of things plus loads of data etc.

  • Dropped off a bit yesterday, now 10 miles behind. Still rapid!

  • +1 for Hal Higdon, nice and straightforward compared to some plans which I think over-complicate things when what you really need for a debut marathon is guidance on a sensible mileage build-up over a number of weeks with a few "quality" (race pace, tempo...) runs thrown in for good measure.

    I still haven't set foot on a track this year but fitness is continuing to improve slowly. 2nd overall at the (very low-key) Chislehurst Half Marathon a couple of weekends ago. Not a fast course but it was nice being competitive at the front. Think I'll sign up for the June track pass and get some interval sessions back in my legs. I'm turning V50 in a couple of weeks and have my eye on some age-group club records!

  • Just discovered he abandoned at 220miles

  • Vitality 10k today ... 36:45 which included a very pleasing negative split. 18:50 followed by 17:55.

    Paced Folkestone a little better today. 18:21 first 5k followed by 18:11 for the 2nd, and a new 36:32 PB. Just missed out on the 40-44 AG podium but I'm not fussed about that, and nice that Vitality wasn't a fluke

  • Ah shame to abandon but he has the experience to know it's the right call.

    Still a bloody good effort!

  • I’ve been meaning to change my running shoes for about three months, running in some knackered old ones or a pair of really stiff trail shoes.

    I finally spent an hour in a running shop yesterday with a guy who knows his stuff and belted round my 7.5km route this morning at 4.44 per km - 18 secs per km faster than I’ve ever managed before.

    There’s definitely a placebo effect ie I’ve got fast shoes so I will run fast and my HR was up slightly but the difference in feel is night and day.

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