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  • Doing Victoria Park half marathon tomorrow - first race since Jan and first hm race. Had covid two weeks ago and have been hardly running much lately but did a solo 21k last week and felt good at 1:35, besides being sweatier than normal and a higher heart rate than I’d like.
    Would be over the moon to get a sub 1:30 but really haven’t done much volume for a good two months so let’s see. Just gonna hope for a great big poo in the morning, put super shoes on and give it the beans.

  • How was it? Winning time was rapid.

  • Went better than expected. I think all the fast people are saving themselves for the Hackney Half next week though.

    Still waiting for chip time but definitely hit my goal of doing a sub 90 cleanly.

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  • It was a great course, great weather and scenery.

    I underestimated the course and went out a bit too hard. Did the first 20 miles (4 Mynds) in 3:30, the next 6 miles (incl Mynds 5 and 6) took me 1:15 and those were the two long steep climbs by which time I was pretty tired. Kept moving well and drank loads - 5l or thereabouts throughout the day - and came in 6th.

    Felt like managed food and water ok, energy was ok throughout the day but running too hard down the first descents took a toll on my quads which meant I was pretty tired by the end and I am suffering today!

    Quite a few runners were just done at the end, sat there looking glazed/in shock and I suspect they were all tired but mostly had got dehydrated. As the day got hotter we moved onto the areas of the Mynd that were sheltered from the wind and there was very little shade.

    The final part of the final club was an absolute killer. Up through bracken on an exists-on-map-only path and very steep. A few people said they were on hands and knees to get up.

    Only made one minor nav error when my watch got confused as we ran back along a section we'd done previously, but I corrected quickly and didn't lose much time.

  • Well done, Great time for your first half.

  • nice running @Well_is_it and @Arducius

    my main run this weekend was over to Highgate to spectate at the night of the 10,000m pbs. It is a great event and makes track genuinely fun and exciting. I'd recommend putting it in your diary for next year, especially if you're based in London.

  • Well done @Well_is_it & @Arducius. Inspires me to keep doing my little runs :)

  • G’warn lad! Great time

  • Always love your write ups - great effort and sounds like you had a total blast

  • Great weekends, @Well_is_it and @Arducius! I can't wait to start running again!!

  • Well done, sounds a good tough event. The winners trophy trig looked brilliant.

  • Thanks all. Struggling to walk today.

    @Arducius congratulations - that does sound pretty brutal, but fun. Hope you’re recovering well.

  • Struggling to walk today

    This was me too! Well done on your win, I still want to target a fast half at some point as I'd like to go sub 90 mins - current PB is 1:33

  • Does anybody have any recommendations for a simple running specific core and strength workout?

    Ideally it'd be a zero equipment kind of thing...something I could just hammer out outdoors now and then.

  • These are not fun:

    (Mostly use them for skiing conditioning but they work wonders for running too.)

  • Ooooh. Considering that I'm just about to head off for two months of mountaineering, this might be exactly the thing I need. Thanks mate!

  • Deadbugs - 20
    Supermans - 20 (hold for x - down for x)
    bulgarian split squat - 10 each leg
    side squat - 10 each leg
    side plank - 10 each side
    Plank - hold until fail
    x 3-4 rounds

  • Thanks Joe, also looks good.

  • Really slow lunges. Like, reeeeaaaaallllyyyy slow.
    There's an interesting R4 thing about it here­7

  • For core I do:­fKc&ab_channel=Taren%27sM%C5%8DTTIVMetho­d

    (when I say I do this, what I mean is that I often think about it)

  • Anybody want these Hovr Machina's? Retail is wham at £140, but found them for sale at 70:­der-Armour-HOVR-Machina-Black-Black-Whit­e-Mens-Shoes-225723.aspx

    They do the funky bluetooth thing and are really well made, I just dont get on with the shape. But they might just be a bit small for me. Theyre a size 9 UK but I always forget you have to size up a little in running shoes

    Would let them go for £45, picked up E2 or can post at cost. Thanks

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