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  • I ran the first two (three?) Brighton marathons and it was always ridiculously hot. The power station bit is as grim as grim can be. I'd rather do 105 laps of a track nowadays

    This. I did 2016 (I think) and it was roasting, and the power station bit was demoralising to say the least. I've never ever wanted to do Brighton again.

  • Me and my wife used to work together and she ran the first Brighton marathon in 2010 but a few months after us finally getting together admitted she only signed up for it so we'd have something in common to talk about in the staff room. That's some serious commitment for a conversation starter but it obviously did the trick

  • Just managed my fastest 5k and fastest 10k. Chuffed.
    5k =23.16
    10k = 50.52

    Happy Easter. now to stuff my face with chocolate

  • Congrats. Very solid times.

  • I'd be interested in these if you can post to Birmingham?

  • Ta.👍. I have seen a marked improvement by trying to stick to a training plan. I used a garmin one

  • Yep no problem. Send me a PM, should be able to send out on weds

  • Selling a brand-spanking-new-with-box Garmin Forerunner 245 for cheaper than the internet if anyone is on the lookout for an excellent new watch.­66/

  • Running is hard. Trying to scrape myself back into it after the baby’s arrival/covid/new job etc etc.

    The good news is that shedding the extra 10kg I was carrying has made it a lot easier than normal - managing a couple of 10kms straight off the bat.

    Thinking of trying to squeeze in a couple runs a week. 5km midweek and a weekend 10km.
    Considering I’m basically back to being in an untrained state, I’d imagine I’ll see some improvement if I keep that up.
    I’d just quite like to not be so shit (55:00 10km today). I know that 15km a week isn’t exactly serious training mileage, but is there anything I can do to make those training miles more productive (HIIT, strides etc) or is that only really helpful when you have more baseline mileage?

  • If you can stretch to three runs a week then you’ve got one “long”, one interval session 800m, 1km, whatever and one extra.

    Probably get quite far if you work on increasing the long and intervals over time

  • Well done!!

  • I have signed up for a half marathon in September, to hold myself accountable so I get back into running as I really do love it just fid it hard to stay motivated for longer than a month!

    Did my longest run of the year today, 13.5km at a 5.11km/hr avg pace and felt good. Id like to try and get somewhere between 1hr30 and 1hr40. So this means I have to stay consistent and run as many KM's as possible without getting hurt!

    Any tips?

  • Motivation was solved for me by joining a local running club.
    Two nights a week training if feasible with the club and this keeps me motivated.
    It got me involved in Cross Country leagues which improved my overall fitness and stamina for road running.

  • I'd also suggest 3 runs a week. Two short, one long. That was how the plan I used for a HM last year was set up and it noticeably improved my running compared to just two runs a week.

  • I’ll see, usually have a couple of climbing wall sessions mon-Friday. If I can be disciplined enough to go straight after work it might be doable, but once my arse hits the sofa it’s pretty hard to leave the house again!

    Might be wise to try and enter something for motivation.

  • Anyone seen anywhere stocking speedgoat 4 or 5’s in the wide sizes recently?

  • Interested in this plan…

    Got a link?

  • Excellent.

    Might do this and burn myself completely out with trainerroad

  • That’s a good training plan - I used Higdons marathon plan after it was suggested on here

  • ^I used it as you suggested it to me :)

    @LePaton I printed it out on an old school piece of paper and very satisfyingly ticked off each running as I didn't it. Much better than TR.

  • TR is for bike stuff. This will supplement that and kill me hopefully.

    I’m an excel tick box guy specifically for runs, log time, distance feeling etc.

  • Haha 😂 well it must be good then!

  • Flogging my no longer required Polar OH1+ for £25­24/

  • By any chance does anyone want a brand new Freetrain vest, ordered a second one thinking I had lost the first one - first one has just emerged. Will send it back for a refund unless anyone wants it for cost minus the postage I'm going to have to pay?­in-vr?variant=33363831357485&gclid=CjwKC­AjwjZmTBhB4EiwAynRmDxu9Nq1ajZYl72NECVGYU­RPEfBBlI0rSzWa-ayc8NDWBPEBo_T5GvRoCTtIQA­vD_BwE

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