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  • I've had Garmin do a refurb exchange a few times. Last one was a 735xt which cost about £100.

    It was an out of warranty exchange

  • If you're interested I have a Garmin Fenix 3 Saphire I'd like to sell - one of these

  • Quite a few of my friends do CP parkrun. It seems to change course every week.

    Heading to met league at wormwood scrubs having run ten miles so far this year. It could be unpleasant or incredibly enjoyable with no pressure.

  • Thanks, May well take you up on your offer.

  • Back to running after my minor huff last year, with focus on form and some background s&c.
    Been really interesting running consciously with my hips driven forward, feeling the extra work in my glutes and hamstrings. I'm going into it with a "starting from scratch" attitude as obviously those muscles are conditioned to actually driving my running at pace or distances I used to be comfortable doing.

    First two runs ended with those muscles tired and eventual knee pain, third run last night went really well and got through 5k in 25mins pain free.

    The challenge now as always with me will be not getting carried away!

  • Anyone doing Benfleet 15 tomorrow ?-­t-15/

  • Welcome back!

  • I'm missing xc today, generally tired plus had little time to much in with family stuff this week.

    Sat in the sunshine outside ballet class in the best xc weather conditions possible, on the fixture that is the most scenic course of the year. #firstworldgrumble

    Off for ice cream after ballet though... #everycloud

  • Didn't see you there, but I did my usual of arriving 10 mins before and leaving straight after.

    I really didn't enjoy it. The wet mud dried on my legs, in a seated position, on my drive home, so standing up and straightening them was pretty painful when I got back

  • I saw a lad in a cap and your vest near the start but don't think it was you.

    It is a pretty average course - good if you're really fit and training for a 10k.

    My spikes are still caked.

    Had a big sprint finish to outkick a local rival.

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  • Could be interesting and coming soon apparently -
    Nike Streakfly 5- 10k specific­?utm_medium=share_sheet


  • Has anyone had covid and got back to running? I’m doing my isolation at the moment and am wondering what to expect.

  • A few friends, with varying times to get back to it.
    One has had Covid 3 times now. First couple of times barely noticed it, most recent one has taken him a couple of months to get back to being able to train properly. He's mid 40's, good health generally (long distance triathlete)

    Then a couple of friends in early/mid 20's, both fairly serious runners (women running sub 16 5k). Generally felt fine but training just felt very laboured. They've reduced the volume and intensity of sessions over the last month but seems they're back up to speed as of last night's track session.

    But both of those are just anecdotes. I think don't assume you'll be knocked out or you'll brush it off. Just take it easy and don't try and force the pace as you're getting back into it.

  • Took advantage of a cooler, overcast first day in Aus to test out my long run route.

    Just followed my nose around the waterline after a bit of Google maps research, turns out to be a perfect route. Half trail half tarmac, lots of shade through the mangrove, bamboo and gumtree parts. Even goes through a Victorian era estate with man made grottos down by the waterline.

    Probs skip the wiggly bit at the start and see how much further the ramshackle path goes up the Parramatta river next time.

    Felt great stretching the legs after 26 hours of travel and an actually alright night’s sleep.

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  • Cheers I ended up buying a 55 in the end.
    Good luck with the sale!

  • Cheers - will take it slow!

  • Are physio gun/massage machines any good ?

  • Quick bit of knee pain advice?
    Just got back into running after a couple of years off - keeping my pace slow and my gait is pretty ok. Inside front of left knee is a bit sore, feels like it’s outside not deep in the joint or anything.

    Is this my body just getting back to running and can be stretched out or something to be concerned about?

  • Yeah I think so. I love using mine and feel it does make a nice difference.

    Use it alongside my regular stretching.

    Got the Jeerson (I think) one that was recommended on here, about £40.

  • Hard to say exactly - are you getting warmed up before? (Lol warming up!)

    I’d try building up the strength in you calf’s, quads and hamstrings with some specific exercises.

    Static stretching or rolling is ok to ease tired muscles but not really a fix for pain

  • ^random bloke on the internets opinion so 🤷♂️

  • Jel that looks like a nice route

  • I’m all about random bloke on internet input.
    My warmup consists of walking briskly for 1-2km. I’m only running at 6.30min/km which is much slower than my previous efforts.

    Admittedly I’m pushing myself a little- started out walking 10km/day after work with a little jog here and there. Now walking 1km, jogging 10km then another 1km cool down.

    I’ve done that the last 3days in a row so suspect I’ve shocked myself a little.

    Oh and I’ve been running on stony canal paths in the dark wearing wafer thin vibrams so my feet are taking a bit of a pounding while I htfu again...

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